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panguardian t1_j0rytj7 wrote

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean in most of your post.

The decision to begin the process will not be made by society as a whole, because society as a whole is not in a policy-making position.


Emberashh t1_j0rzh3p wrote

Its not a question of who gets to decide to begin automating. Its a question of what society is willing to tolerate.

And fyi, your brainwashing is showing yet again in your inability to concieve of the idea that business owners don't get to unilaterally do this.

They'll try, and many will fail when the automation fails to maintain a profitable business or when they're forced to abandon it.


panguardian t1_j0so81e wrote

Wow. You descended. Bye.


Emberashh t1_j0sobv1 wrote

Yeah Im sure confronting yiur cognitive dissonance is uncomfortable.