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beestingers t1_j1nd4wz wrote

AI porn is 100% on the way. It seems the various AI moderators currently in existence are aware of this outcome and are trying to ensure their programs are not being utilized this way. But you can't stop what's coming, can't stop what's on its way.


2cats2hats t1_j1neodn wrote

> But you can't stop what's coming

Story as old as time. :D


abrandis t1_j1o30m1 wrote

What the benefit of AI porn? there's probably enough porn already created that you could spend an entire lifetime watching it and never have to see a rerun.


Viet_Conga_Line t1_j1o759x wrote

Sure but porn is built around the concept of novelty. People want to see new faces, new things and they want their fix every single time they fap. AI will allow these people to view/create their own novelty by creating porn from ANY still images. That means Hollywood actresses, their school mates, their neighbors, perhaps the cast of Golden Girls. Basically they are going to be able to turn anything into porn.

It’s already happening; a few weeks ago someone uploaded a cache of AI generated X rated images of Billie Eilish on 4Chud. Privacy issues in regards to nude photos and revenge porn were one thing that (maybe) could be solved legally but nobody is prepared for the avalanche of anonymously created fake AI porn that is heading our way. Nobody is ready to watch photorealistic S&M Chewbacca mount Ryan Seacrest, I can tell you that.