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slipperyShoesss t1_j22i76x wrote

Recommend reading "Forever War", damn it takes the time-lapsing from near light speed travel to crazy limits.


Definitely_Redacted t1_j22r094 wrote

Loved that book. Also liked Starship Troopers and Armor. Not sure if you have any other suggestions for books along those lines. But if you do please share!


artofthenunchaku t1_j22wtao wrote

All You Need is Kill. It's the source material for the movie Edge of Tomorrow. Very similar vibe as Starship Troopers and Armor.


Definitely_Redacted t1_j28ei6a wrote

Also I'm seeing two different authors. Hiroshima Sakurazaka and ryosuke Takeuchi


artofthenunchaku t1_j29x759 wrote

There's the short novel and a manga adaptation; Hiroshima Sakurazaka is the author of the story, Ryosuke is the author of the manga. The novel is slightly better, but both are good.


Definitely_Redacted t1_j2a2v0w wrote

Appreciate it, wasn't sure about the difference so thought to ask you before ordering


Definitely_Redacted t1_j28e8uu wrote

I liked that movie, I can only hope the literary material is even better. I still think Forever War was my favorite, but it is just as close to Armor.

I thought Armor was fantastic when it came to Felix