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masterile OP t1_j6cmw3p wrote

Yes, but there will be less or more programmers?


DecentRole t1_j6e5lm9 wrote

From my POV, coding is the new literacy.

Being relatively ‘new’ it’s going through changes. Similar to how language and writing styles have change through the ages.

OpenAI/Chat GPT are frameworks/mediums that allow users to experiment with. Similar to when the print became mainstream, and even if you didn’t knew how to read you could get your hands in texts. How dirty you want your hands to get is up to the individual.

Overall I’m certain there will be more programmers. However, how we interact with computers -coding will likely change/evolve.


Anon_IE_Mouse t1_j6dx5j3 wrote

I honestly think there will be the same amount, but efficiencyand the number of stuff they can make per day will increase.


Cockerel_Chin t1_j6f9gkq wrote

This is a pretty good point.

I think about my last employer, a financial services provider who was hopelessly unable to improve their aging software because they simply couldn't get enough people to do it quickly enough.

Assuming AI will simply be able to act on requests, it could make this kind of inefficiency a thing of the past. But it will still need people to make the decisions.


Substantial_Space478 t1_j6ff0ev wrote

Basic programmer jobs, i.e. those who simply write code assigned to them, are expected to decrease by 10% over the next decade. Every other field of development is expected to have a job increases of 10% or more.