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nembajaz t1_j6d3jw5 wrote

Makes sense. However, does AI necessarily have ego? And do we? Maybe that's the next big step for us to understand our true nature. Selection working on consciousness, maybe? Sounds like hopium, I see... :)


A1pH4W01v t1_j6d7xb4 wrote

"Ah but you see AI doesnt have ego" my brother in christ we're at a phase where people are calling themselves experts for typing a single sentence to an AI is what i mean.


nembajaz t1_j6d8fqh wrote

I asked you all: does it necessarily have an ego?

Not equal with your statement. Just a "what if".


A1pH4W01v t1_j6dntbo wrote

It doesnt have one now, but i'd never wanna know what happens if AI does gain an egotistical consciousness.

But in the end, im still talking about is the problem of human beings exploiting AI in order to gain a status that isnt earned.


nembajaz t1_j6drb4u wrote

Okay, finally, I understand. I don't think we're hopeless, but of course, it's a close call, smartest way is care, as always. Just trying to say: don't forget the "goal", or at least the hope, this is how the good way can gain some power. Yes, I'm from Marvel... :P