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Substantial_Space478 t1_j6fkzql wrote

so much more goes into development of an application than a few basic facts like that. every company has unique needs. construction is such a broad field and that limited description you gave would not result in a useful program for any company. a software developer is needed to communicate with the company and determine its needs (which the owners/managers will guaranteed not be able express in easy to understand terms). database and software modeling and development are complex abstract aspects that a code writing AI cannot reproduce

what you described is something that writes code, not something that develops software. just because you can "envision" it doesn't make it the reality of how things work


KYWizard t1_j6inmbn wrote

Right, but what you have done is cut out many many many hours of work. Those are people's jobs. Gone. Now a team will definitely polish it, but AI gives you a massive headstart without the need of paying pesky humans to do it.


abrandis t1_j6frwyy wrote

My general premise is less about AI code generation and more commoditization of Software, reality is most business problems already have software solutions, companies make use of those everyday, customization becomes less and less essential as time goes on..


sysnickm t1_j6gtop8 wrote

But not software solutions that meet every businesses specific needs.

Customization becomes more essential as different localities create new regulations.

When Europe passed GDPR, millions developers had to work with lawyers and others to update their code to follow the new laws.