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Baron_of_Nothing t1_j2qimos wrote

A lot of selective breeding. Maybe in fifty years if we start now we can achieve midget giraffes.


Bullet1289 OP t1_j2qiwnw wrote

I approve of this plan and will bring it before congress to try to get funding


monkeyepoxy t1_j2qp4b3 wrote

I wonder what horrific unintended health consequences would pop up


thecwestions t1_j2qmree wrote

But wouldn't a 'midget' giraffe still be like a horse with a really long neck?

At which point do we hit 'teacup' giraffes?


doofew t1_j2qiq7a wrote

Opulence.. I has it.


Bullet1289 OP t1_j2qize7 wrote

Omg someone beat me to it. Here I thought I had a totally original idea. I mean if anything though seeing it realized makes me just want one more


Lexx2k t1_j2qpjb1 wrote

I was a skeptic at first, but now I really want a tiny giraffe.


CurlSagan t1_j2qirxy wrote

They're already here and they're called baby giraffes.


nog642 t1_j2qlkkl wrote

Reminds me of people who get piglets as pets and then have issues when it grows up to be like 300 lbs


voidmusik t1_j2qm69u wrote

Giraffes are notoriously hard to breed in captivity. Theres a huge incest problem in the international giraffe breeding programs.


ibimacguru t1_j2qjxmm wrote

Sadly there is not currently a dedicated Reddit to baby giraffes; sadly I neglected to check for Tiny giraffes. I’d join either really


yickth t1_j2ql273 wrote

When we start creating thousands of new species we’ll have to step up our conservation efforts


Mycophilica t1_j2qnrt8 wrote

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I had a small pet giraffe, I woke up so happy!!


auntbealovesyou t1_j2qnysa wrote

I want a tiny rhinoceros...until those are developed I'll have to settle for a peetsbol.


BassLB t1_j2qof6b wrote

I want a tea cup elephant. Somewhere in the 2-300 Lb range still. It would be a family pet and could last generations.


Pantim t1_j2qpb0f wrote

I think an Elephant would make a horrible pet. You could never leave it alone or it would go nuts and destroy the house. Or get ultra depressed the second you walked out the door. (Much more so than dogs)


Elephants are like the ultimate social animal that can't survive and be healthy outside of a pack.


BassLB t1_j2qpy3n wrote

Great point. I don’t think it would be super destructive necessarily, but it would be a good idea to get at least 2 tea cup elephants


Pantim t1_j2qqeli wrote

All though, I honestly personally think the idea of us keeping "pets" is horrible. 90% of pets are not treated like the fellow sentient beings they are.


We really should just stop breeding them and let lines we've made die out. Just keep the dogs etc that serve a purpose like keeping away other animals.


Spend more of our love energy on other humans.


stewartm0205 t1_j2qooiq wrote

When we figure out how genes control growth, we can then do anything including a 1 Ft giraffe.


ZeroSephex0 t1_j2qor9s wrote

My brother dropped acid once and saw mini-giraffes peeking out at him from around corners.


BitschWack t1_j2qp077 wrote

It takes a big man to say he's sorry, it takes an even bigger man to give a giraffe a haircut.


fignewtgingrich t1_j2qq0a3 wrote

You will most likely experience them in the matrix, full dive, 10-20 years