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surfcello t1_j5p5f06 wrote

Beavers, is what you’re looking for. Give them more habitat and allow them to do their thing.


Sariel007 OP t1_j5prxcu wrote

My first thought when reading this.

"Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter" is a great book about the topic.


Stealyourwaffles t1_j5pri7e wrote

Parachute them in


CALGARY-Homes t1_j5u15kl wrote

I have some in my community you can have, they’re doing the opposite of good here.


Stealyourwaffles t1_j5u1v8q wrote

Yeah man same. We live on a lake and have a big cove beside us with a ravine further up that rain washes down through it. Anyway, beavers have damned it pretty seriously and are always trying to fuck with trees and stuff along the water


CALGARY-Homes t1_j5wddgg wrote

We have a few beavers wreaking havoc and in my old neighborhood they legitimately changed the landscape 😂 just working daily to ruin pathways etc


sandee_eggo t1_j5sf9hy wrote

More wolves and cougars. They kill the deer, which eat the plants, which absorb the water.