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squidking78 t1_j5pjwva wrote

America must think it’s their own idea or they won’t do things other parts of the world already know work.

The idea of “worlds best practices” and looking abroad just isn’t in them, culturally, sadly.


chewie8291 t1_j5ptyp3 wrote

As an American I can confirm.


squidking78 t1_j5q28bh wrote

It’s weird the things you notice when you live amongst a slightly different culture. And bravo for seeing it yourself.

I just want to throttle some of the people in charge sometimes, or at companies… cos I can clearly see what they could do better as I know it already happens where I come from. But as in my job, I have to convince them it was their idea all along. It’s maddening.


chewie8291 t1_j5qayua wrote

Or combining of solutions. People get blinders on and dont see that they could do things like seawater passive desalinization combined with hydroponics.


squidking78 t1_j5qw39q wrote

Yup. Who knew you could take bits of things that have been proven to work everywhere, and adapt things to your local circumstance!