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BirdiePolenta t1_j30ej83 wrote

I mean, if they want this to be known (and of course they do, because we are reading about it), it´s two things:

  • psyops
  • they have a way more advanced tech behing the curtains

PublicFurryAccount t1_j31hdk3 wrote

Why would you think that?

The US military has always been shockingly open about what they’re working on, in large part because they need Congress to give them money for it.


Longjumping_Meat_138 t1_j31kthx wrote

Also you aren't exactly going to be hiding any advanced tech that is used commonly. If the US suddenly found a way to make Ray Guns, and decided to make them standard for every unit, Then obviously they are not going to be able to hide it.


PublicFurryAccount t1_j32e0zn wrote

Yep! Also, don’t underestimate the value of deterrence or of, well, advertising for the MIC! Unit costs are cheaper when you have more buyers.


2020willyb2020 t1_j30y727 wrote

Bet the trucks tanks etc are all battery charged with insane distance and they have mobile charging stations on small trucks when needed - would sure help logistics and supply lines


bogglingsnog t1_j33bmz4 wrote

Even civilian e-motorcycles can hit some crazy distances these days, I have seen a few with 100-150 miles of range. If the military wanted to they could make their own with double or triple the amount of batteries, it will just behave more like a full size motorcycle than a dirt bike.

I imagine it will be awhile before they switch to fully electric trucks. I could see a hybrid being used though it could possibly increase maintenance challenges.

Non-flammable batteries would be a HUGE leap forward for the military, they could have fully electric drivetrains with no risk of fire, would be amazing for tanks. The batteries could even form a part of the internal armor, wrap it around the ammo rack etc.


DevinMGates t1_j322jhl wrote

Or.... this is just how batteries actually work, on a larger scale?!!

I mean... it's literally the same concept, from what I've read, but on a MUCH larger and non-SS, scale.


Orc_ t1_j3borz0 wrote

> they have a way more advanced tech behing the curtains

not in batteries, thats for sure, that whole area of tech if bottlenecked by the laws of physics. Even nano-batteries that I read about made by nano-structures had the capacity to be charged quite rapdily BUT the energy density continues to be ABYSMAL.

Meaning we never really gonna get something like a T-800 ever, you'd have to run that bish with a tether like something out of Evangelion.