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PorkyPigDid911 OP t1_j6f7hop wrote

Batteries like this don't use cobalt, as well many cars don't use it anymore either. As well, it is very well known that we do in fact have more than enough resources - lithium in particular to meet our needs.

Lastly, already, almost every single car battery in the USA is being recycled because of the value of them and simply that it isn't allowed in many places to throw them into the dump.


DixenSyder t1_j6fnra8 wrote

From :

“Cobalt is considered the highest material supply chain risk for electric vehicles (EVs) in the short and medium term. EV batteries can have up to 20 kg of Co in each 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) pack. Right now, Co can make up to 20% of the weight of the cathode in lithium ion EV batteries.”

This article is from 2021, so I wonder if it’s maybe outmoded.

I do know that batteries are recyclable, but from what I understand, it’s a difficult, risky, and costly process. Has this changed or have there been any advancements on the recycling process?


Surur t1_j6fv1uq wrote

Why are you able to find contrary articles, but not the answers to your basic questions?

Or are you just concern trolling?


gopher65 t1_j6g5kj5 wrote

It is outmoded. In the past 2 years companies have started moving away from cobalt. It won't be long before it isn't used at all.