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sakredfire t1_j6jag2p wrote

The classic Nokia phone used a 25g battery with 1100mAh of capacity. It would fully charge within 3 hours.

The iPhone 14 uses a battery with 3200mah of capacity that fully charged within 2 hours


Spiffydude98 t1_j6jjudp wrote

1998 ish... My wife lost her Nokia phone. In the middle of a canadian winter. She found it at the side of our driveway in the spring it must have fallen and been shovelled with the snow.

It spent 3 months in a snowbank in a Canadian Winter with temps reaching -25c and rarely above -5c...

and she picked it up, turned it on, it still had a charge and worked fine.

I miss our NOkia phones.


sakredfire t1_j6jujwt wrote

You can still get them! And they weren’t overly complicated so of course they are robust


Specific_Main3824 t1_j6l6hf1 wrote

Nokia made a million models, I'm referring to "later" models shortly before the iPhone. Circa 2005. We are still using the same batteries released 20 years ago. Size has no bearing on the tech. Watches have teeny tiny ones, Tesla's have very large ones.


Specific_Main3824 t1_j6l6pv4 wrote

I wasn't referring to a "classic Nokia" I was referring to a later models shortly before I phones were invented.