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juxtoppose t1_j5gaymr wrote

If it works it works, who gives a shit if people are squeamish.


Jazzlike_Mountain_51 t1_j5ghx4c wrote

My thoughts exactly. I'm squeamish about being cut open too but if you need to look under the hood knock me out and go for it


juxtoppose t1_j5gjc1d wrote

I listened to a radio program on the subject, not only remove the dead tissue but they have something anti inflammatory in their saliva which prevents infections taking hold.


intdev t1_j5h8jus wrote

And most importantly, they remove only dead tissue. Even the world’s best surgeon with the best equipment would have to cut away chunks of healthy tissue to make sure they’d got it all, but these guys can minimise the “collateral damage”, reducing the need for skin grafts to close the wound.