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Tree-farmer2 t1_j5do0n6 wrote

Another Chernobyl isn't possible except at the few remaining RBMKs


mileswilliams t1_j5e2hh7 wrote

By another Chernobyl they mean catastrophic nuclear accident obviously. And they can still happen, we just haven't seen how yet, it's arrogant to think we've made a full proof system using for profit companies that can't ever go wrong. I lt can, and probably will some day, whether it is a tsunami, or a volcano, earthquake, war, meteorite, terrorist attack, it's possible and not worth it when there are wind turbines solar and batteries.


Tree-farmer2 t1_j5f9qxx wrote

Nuclear is as safe as wind and solar, even with Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Nuclear just feels more dangerous because that's how it's portrayed in popular culture, but, as always, data gets to the truth.

Old nuclear is extremely safe, and newer designs are even safer.