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FellowConspirator t1_j378up6 wrote

The thing about a technology platform company: once they have got their platform, churning out things on the platform becomes exceptionally efficient, and it's very easy to be prolific. The complication from that is that while you can now be ultra-efficient in the development of drug candidates, doing the actual trials for all of them becomes problematic. Trials are slow and expensive. Thanks to COVID, Moderna can probably float a bunch of trials on their own, but it's still tricky.

Moderna also has a delivery problem. They're being sued by several parties over their use of lipid nanoparticles, and that will continue to be an albatross around their neck until they resolve it or switch.


chewie8291 t1_j378tvo wrote

I want to take them all. Give me every vaccine.


[deleted] t1_j37fhre wrote

Absolute genius. Nothing could go wrong.


chewie8291 t1_j37hv83 wrote

Ill make sure to follow recommendations. But give me all of them.


[deleted] t1_j37i1qo wrote

Yep, good thing big pharma would never put profits over people. Shew. Was worried for a second.


JayWilly98 t1_j37hz7m wrote

What’s the problem if they’re all properly trialed before released to the public?


[deleted] t1_j37ihcz wrote

Or like Pfizer, who had to pay the biggest fine in American history for lying to the public.


[deleted] t1_j37iy47 wrote

And next up is Johnson and Johnson who also had to pay a massive fine for kickbacks and misbranding. They would never. Amirite?


[deleted] t1_j37icp3 wrote

Nothing. Just like nothing was wrong OxyContin and percocets.


reenign3 t1_j376flw wrote

I’m really interested in the cancer vaccines


lionheart4life t1_j379d5b wrote

We'll see, they don't have the greatest track record for actually getting safe and effective products to market. Kinda got lucky to be in the right place at the right time with the right shareholders in positions of power to get the COVID vaccine out.

But they have burned a lot of investor money on nothing for decades prior.


2012Aceman t1_j37djwp wrote

I see no reason why we can't use Operation Warp Speed on all these vaccines as well. People are suffering and dying every day, if we can expedite trials and avoid red tape to get them a vaccine that will save people: do it. There is no reason to delay these life-changing vaccines a single second longer than is necessary. And the precautions are pointless: the COVID vaccine is the safest, most effective vaccine ever and it was in arms all around the world in less than a year, meanwhile some things tested for decades are being recalled because they didn't anticipate a side effect.


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Your_Trash_Daddy t1_j37grt0 wrote

This is the epitome of strawman. You present the situation which doesn't actually exist, and then go off on all the consequences as if they do.


ex1stence t1_j37hjzj wrote

No, they won’t. That wouldn’t make very much sense.

So much for that completely imaginary scenario you just made up.


superchill11 t1_j37i3uv wrote

Phase 4 of a clinical trial is just like a suggestion man...



au80022 t1_j37gv30 wrote

Too bad the bogus covid vaccines ruined peoples opinions about taking injectable vaccines


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intelligentx5 t1_j378n5i wrote

I wonder what scientific advancements you use today that was considered crazy when first invented.

Unless you’re living like a damn Neanderthal, you’re living and breathing because of scientific advancements one way or another.

I’m for advancement in technology and sciences if it benefits our well being. Put your fucking politics away.


Kinu4U t1_j377ff8 wrote

That won't help you beat cancer


lionheart4life t1_j378s75 wrote

Yes, exercise, healthy eating, and stress reduction do actually reduce the risk of several types of cancer.


kushhcommander t1_j37dsnl wrote

Really? Exercise doesn't prevent cancer? Do you live under a rock?


Your_Trash_Daddy t1_j37gjhj wrote

Well, it doesn't prevent cancer. It can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. There's a huge divide between prevents and reduces.


ApizzaApizza t1_j37b26m wrote

You forgot to add “vaccines” to your list of things that improve your health.