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Anthroman78 t1_j3cmpju wrote

Ending aging doesn't mean people can't die from accidents or physical harm.


tkuiper t1_j3cnrbv wrote

Everytime this comes up lol. Folks really struggle to separate the fantasy supernatural 'pick-a-version' immortality from the real 'treatment-to-not-age' thing.

Even better than just not aging, it's like cancer. You'll still have to see a doctor when you contract it, even when they find a cure.


Starnois t1_j3coiy8 wrote

not if you upload yourself to an unharmable substrate.


thewinterofmylife t1_j3ctkmt wrote

But then you're not uploading yourself, your uploading a copy of your consciousness. That copy will continue on, but you yourself will not.


Starnois t1_j3eh5tc wrote

Ok, so let’s say you replace one synapse with a digital one? Is that still you? What if you replace 50%, is that still you? Why not then go 100%? It’s still you if you do it that way.


ProfessorGluttony t1_j3cp8za wrote

At that point ethical assisted suicide would have to become universally legal. Also to say, if they can stop it, they can start aging again as well.


shavinghobbit t1_j3cq42c wrote

This is a big one. If we do halt aging, people will still reach a point where they want to die, as morbid as that may be. We don't know the psychological impact of near immortality and not to sound like a pessimist but I don't think it'll be good


JoulestheNarratus t1_j3crxns wrote

For most people probably. Hell, most I ask whether they would like to live forever or not say no.
I imagine those would be the ones that would snap lol

Me? Live forever or die trying.


StuckHiccup t1_j3crkbg wrote

Ending aging does mean immortal or even near immortal, it's 300 years, give take. The mice had 3 times life span


shavinghobbit t1_j3ctrsy wrote

Okay, so biblical ages. Still a really long time to live and we still don't know what it would do to our psychology


StuckHiccup t1_j3d2qgk wrote

Yeah of course but the question of 300 years to heat death of the universe are extremely different questions


StealthyGooch t1_j3co1fv wrote

On a scale from 1-10, how high did you get prior to this post?


big_bearded_nerd t1_j3cqt7t wrote

Yeah, but would you remember that one day you were so high you posted this?


KornCrush t1_j3cpb9j wrote

Stoned people are much more creative than this these days. This is like 1968 stoned, not 2023 stoned. Doesn’t mean they aren’t dumb ideas, they are just much more complex in their stupidity. Qanon most likely is a stoner for example.


GondoXPrax t1_j3cpms4 wrote

Stoned ppl aren’t really that creative….


KornCrush t1_j3cq61i wrote

The two are not linked. Plenty of artists (of any form) smoke pot.


KornCrush t1_j3cqbea wrote

I guess I needed to add an “/s” to my original post


Rafterman2 t1_j3cokju wrote

Yeah, in 500 million years, I’m pretty sure we’ll have solved interstellar travel. Why would anyone be “stuck on Earth or a similar populated planet”?


KornCrush t1_j3cphg2 wrote

I don’t think we will exist in our physical forms we do not in 500 million years.


SRM-87 t1_j3cmy8e wrote

There's a silver lining.. U are around with a front row seat to watch the end of the universe


Accidental_Edge t1_j3cr6es wrote

Yeah, being stuck at the center of a black hole would be so worth immortality


SRM-87 t1_j3crli8 wrote

Though there is a concept that we are already in one hence why space is black and time only moves in one direction


myebubbles t1_j3cnhdx wrote

Deal with those problems in the future. You will have time.


T-72_BMP-2 t1_j3cnqhq wrote

Bro, people would still die from car accidents, heart attacks from obesity, alcohol, cancer etc. you will just live longer and hotter.


Alyarin9000 t1_j3cnqio wrote

You'd still remember major events, important people in your history, and also anything that happened recently.

You imply we'll just be sitting confused in a room. We don't do that now - if we somehow reversed aging to a perfect extent, your memory would probably be as good as it is for someone in their 20s.

"Remember that one minute when you were 9 years old? Probably not…"

I remember a few events, major ones. Or even a few minor moments that for some reason have stuck vividly.


CaptainPunch374 t1_j3coy54 wrote

Didn't know that you can only starve or be injured if you're also aging... Smh


Mokebe890 t1_j3cp2pu wrote

What? You will just be living your life? Does it matter to remember what happened 100 years ago? You will remember core memories and create everything around at given time. What is with this problem of living extra long lives? I really cant understand your arguments about it.


zebrahdh t1_j3cstvb wrote

Dude, you are free to die. Stop being judgmental of people that don’t care to. Jesus.


moderatesoul t1_j3cobg4 wrote

Ending again doesn't mean ending death.
Accidents, illness, etc. are still a thing and medically assisted dying would most certainly be an option. Even without ending aging, medically assisted death should be available to anyone for any reason.


Ilovefishdix t1_j3cpcgg wrote

I'd think we'd have augmented memories at some point in the next century or 2


Umakemyheadswim t1_j3cppbw wrote

End aging doesn't mean you become immortal and impervious. LOL ?


RealHornblower t1_j3cpreb wrote

It's not a binary, one-time decision "do I live a normal lifespan or get locked into a billion+ year existence no matter how horrible it gets."

You can always stop the treatment after "only" 500 or 5000 or 5 million years if you want. Take a year to go over the pros and cons of living every millennium or so.


phriot t1_j3cr4xi wrote

Because this is just conversation, rather than anything based in science, let's also assume that if you can live for 500 Million years, that we've also long since figured out how to both upload ourselves to computers and to put ourselves in an indefinite state of suspended animation. There's no need to really ever "die." You can just hit the pause button for a while, and then come back every so often to see if anything is interesting enough to spin back up for a bit.


Zero_Burn t1_j3cpvub wrote

I don't think of it as actual immortality, merely... making death optional. Once you've had your fill of being alive, you'd be able to die on your terms. Some people would only choose to live a couple hundred years, some would choose to live thousands.


Kitchen_Entertainer9 t1_j3cqw7o wrote

Wtf did I just read. I think you mean immortal 👀 We end aging and we are able to find ways to keep the human race alive through anything


JosephSturgill7 t1_j3cr1sk wrote

If you end aging then there would literally be generational wars. Imagine government leaders staying in office for 100s of years. Making policies that effect freedoms based off life in the 2000s when its 2232. Just a thought...


jasonreid1976 t1_j3cr1sx wrote

Ending aging =/= immortality.

Your body will still require sustenance, oxygen to breath, and what I predict: regular anti-aging treatments. You might only have to get one about once every 10-15 years (five if you really want) but you'll still need them.

You're not going to automatically live forever.

Long before the end of multicellular life ends here, you'll be gone.


laurieislaurie t1_j3cr28l wrote

This is a pretty dumb post, OP. You are getting deservedly dragged for it.

Ending aging doesn't mean we magically all live forever. Besides all the obvious stuff like getting hit by a car, stopping aging doesn't mean stopping diseases from viruses, bacteria, and funghi. An ageless person wouldn't magically be immune to COVID-19, for example.


BeekyGardener t1_j3crg8v wrote

At least we'd finally understand how to properly write fantasy characters that are 100+ years old. They are so poorly written... Like, wouldn't they be more pessimistic at a certain age?


Dsstar666 t1_j3crver wrote

Nah, I never want to live forever, unless I had a purpose to fulfill. BUT, I do want to live for 500 years. Most people that say "you'll be bored" lack imagination. I'll actually live long enough to start a vineyard AND write a book. Plus visit colonies on the Moon and Mars.

I take that back, I'm all for immortality


Lit-Orange t1_j3cryxh wrote

Personally, I think creating new memories is more important than remembering old ones


rvralph803 t1_j3cs53r wrote

Ending aging doesn't mean you suddenly become immune to... Like rocks crushing you to death.


uncoolcat t1_j3cv7s8 wrote

We might be able to slow, stop, or even reverse the aging process at some point, but that would not make a person truly immortal. If we could end aging then people could become "ageless" and remain at the same biological age; so in effect someone could stay 28 years old for their entire life, but their body would be no different from a 28 year old right now, meaning that an ageless person would still need to eat, they could get diseases, die from accidents, etc.

To achieve what you are describing would require technology that is WELL outside our capabilities, and even if we had some sort of rapid automated body repair systems those would still have limitations. However, if we become sufficiently clever to achieve the sort of immortality that you describe, then chances are we'd include an "off" switch.


passwordsarehard_3 t1_j3cx5or wrote

I remember the challenger exploding. The excitement as the teacher rolled the tv cart into the room, then another class came in and sat on the floor and then another after them. Nearly 100 kids in one room so we could all watch the first teacher go into space. The hurried walk to turn off the set as questions like “why were there two trails?” began to be whispered. No one has faces anymore though. You’ll forget whatever you think is unnecessary and remember whatever you think is important.


goldork t1_j3d3bgb wrote

Long before humanity achieved that, we would already invented something like a cybernetic brain implant. Detachable and non-influential to the user mental thought process (claimed by the company so it must be true)

Depending on what model you can afford, the features include:-

  • Scanning and mapping the user brain (worry not. it'll keep it a secret if you're a low processor/ram humans.)
  • Assisting a photographic memory using the mapped brain directories and online memory cloud service (replay that vivid memory if youre in the mood but she said no tonight)
  • Enable telepathic communications with other users (with spam protections and text only mode. Subscribe to privacy plan for airplane mode)
  • Understanding all languages including the extraterrastials without learning it (bet you can make more friends now)
  • Basic mental health monitoring to prevent any mental aberrations like the examples that you've suggested (now you can tell if yours is clinical or made-believe depression)
  • etc (visit the online store for more redundant features)

Basically a futurology smart phone. Defying aging is harder to achieved imo than actually inventing something so futuristic like this. (Too much time idling on reddit by the weekends to engage in posts like this.)


Grinagh t1_j3d553c wrote

Someone is confusing an end to aging with indestructibility.