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CreamFilledLlama t1_j3k6qt3 wrote

I can only imagine how thrilled someone will be once their house becomes a major fly over route. Airspace rules only work now because it is infrequent with exceptions around airports.


Dokibatt t1_j3kh8xs wrote

If I can't legally float a net made of high test fishing line suspended from a weather balloon above my own property, why do we even have a constitution?


ThePokemon_BandaiD t1_j3myfmi wrote

actually i think you can, you're legally allowed to use as much of the airspace above your property as you can, and a passively existing net might not count as interfering with aircraft.


AwesomeDragon97 t1_j3nraqj wrote

Yes, you own the land from the surface up to right below federal airspace (so someone can’t build an overhang over your property or fly a drone over your property without trespassing on your land or public airspace). In addition, at least theoretically if you also have mineral rights to the land you own all of the land from the surface to the core of the earth in an upside down pyramid shape.


ThePokemon_BandaiD t1_j3nrqgt wrote

that's actually not entirely true, someone can fly a drone in your yard, the law is pretty ambiguous there, but you're also allowed to use as much of the airspace as you want, and a hanging net structure probably wouldn't count as interfering with aircraft in the same way that retroactively shooting them down etc would


AwesomeDragon97 t1_j3nxkav wrote

There is no specific federal laws on this issue in the US or Canada, so it depends on the municipal laws. In many cities there are laws that say you can intercept a drone if it is flying over your yard below a certain altitude (usually up to 300 to 400 feet).


slipperyShoesss t1_j3kz9ly wrote

Constant drone noises “mwwweeeeeeerrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”


CptGooglyEyes t1_j3l55jg wrote

As someone who hates leaf blowers I am not excited about this noise


maskedpaki t1_j3md47z wrote

why cant it just take public routes like cars ?

just fly over roads and into estates and land on driveways. sure that takes longer than a birds flight but it also solves most of the issues you refer to.