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Excludos t1_j3l7sk0 wrote

Yeah, honestly, that's the main upside of this. Food delivery people are paid next to nothing, and has zero benefits. If that's a profession which disappears because of drones, it's only a win-win for everyone.


VexedClown t1_j3lft7x wrote

Except for the ppl who need those jobs to survive


Excludos t1_j3lorb7 wrote

Not even them. We can't halt developing ourselves just so people can keep working unproductive jobs. History shows that society as a whole is better off automating manual labour, and that people don't need to do the lowest of the lowest jobs. There isn't really a lack of jobs atm either, so while I absolutely do sympathise with the annoyance of having to look for a new one, it shouldn't be too big of an issue, and we can't halt society because of it.

And if we look at some specifics, like Uber Eats drivers, who are technically self employed and there can earn way less than even minimum wage, it's basically just a giant scam. That "job" needs to burn and die


threadsoffate2021 t1_j3lrrm0 wrote

Easy to say...until it's your job on the cutting block, and you don't meet the requirements for a new gig.


Excludos t1_j3lylrl wrote

Shit, you're right. Let's halt humanity instead. Bring back the switchboard operators!


ZoidbergGE t1_j3nelyw wrote

That’s unfair to automate those wireless Marconi operators and the pony express riders…


threadsoffate2021 t1_j3p99a9 wrote

You do realize we're at a point where technology will eliminate 99% of jobs within our lifetime, right?

You honestly think those in power will be happy with most of the population sitting on their ass doing nothing and sucking up welfare dollars?

This isn't the beginning of the industrial revolution where new inventions created more jobs than were lost...we're well beyond that curve.


Excludos t1_j3pzadk wrote

You're basing this on what evidence..?


threadsoffate2021 t1_j3qs7ax wrote

The entirety of human history.


Excludos t1_j3qx63u wrote

Did 99% of jobs get eliminated in one previous lifetime then? Since you're basing it on history.

Or did you take the entierty of human history under one umbrella, see that most jobs have changed over time, and somehow jumped to the conclusion that 99% of jobs is going to get eliminated in one lifetime from now on?

Either one is fucking bonkers


threadsoffate2021 t1_j3rejek wrote

Ah, you think when jobs are gone, our wonderful leaders and capitalists will make money rain down from the sky for all of us little plebs that will be unable to work.

Because, you know, the rulers and kings throughout history have been so magnanimous to the commoners.


Excludos t1_j3roo2y wrote

No, I don't think that. Because I don't think "jobs will be gone in our lifetime", which is the topic we've been discussing. Hard concept to stay on topic and not strawman, I understand.


what_is_earth t1_j3nxwzi wrote

Really sad that this comment is being downvoted. People will always be kicking and screaming as progress marches on


EqualityWithoutCiv t1_j3lxhvt wrote

Getting qualified in time for the new job can be an issue.


Excludos t1_j3lzja3 wrote

I don't disagree, but this highlights more of a problem with the failure of the US to take care of their own people.

To contrast, if you lose your job in Norway, the Labour and Welfare department not only will cover parts of your salary while you're out of a job, they can also help you get new qualifications, and even cover your salary for a limited time while taking a new job, enticing potential employers to hire free employees, who either continues in the company afterwards, or at the very least gets relevant job experience on their resume.

I'm not going to proclaim all of Europe is like this (mostly because I don't know). I bet the variety is huge, but probably the vast majority has similar solutions for taking care of people who who loses their jobs and/or needs to change their careers. I am also aware that every state in the US operates differently, some worse than others. But by and large, the US needs to get their shit together when it comes to socialism, and stop treating it like a boogeyman, or somehow equal it with communism.


TiredOldLamb t1_j3lowle wrote

What next, are you going to defend the sewer diver profession because people need those jobs to survive?