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tlighta t1_j5upmr1 wrote

This really shows the potential for AI to see a bunch of things that we currently can't see.


wogolfatthefool t1_j5v6hid wrote

Can you image if holo lens was still a thing, and being able to see all the radios waves in your area in real time because of AI integrated into it?


Winjin t1_j5vqpcl wrote

I think you wouldn't like it. It's probably like standing in the middle of a very busy 12-lane road where every second car is blasting music from open windows.

We have radio waves all around us.


thomascardin t1_j5x67be wrote

My dude let's start a company that makes this into an AR reality, since Apple is about to release the glasses that can make it happen.


myrddin4242 t1_j609guu wrote

Radio waves are a range of frequencies of light. As with visible frequencies, what you would see is the emitters lighting up, plus whatever reflective-to-radio surfaces are currently in view.


wogolfatthefool t1_j60bfq2 wrote

Yes BUT through AI or some programing, you wouldn't actually have to view it as such. It would appear in a visual form you could tolerate.


myrddin4242 t1_j60c9wo wrote

Sure, just pointing out that, since radio is just a different color, you wouldn’t see waves that are passing you by, anymore than you would see a beam of red light in the air.