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Mokebe890 t1_j3qfkuq wrote

Yes but dont underestimate such thing. The point is to show that age reversal is possible and feasible in mammals. If you can show that it works then it basically changes the fact how we look at aging and disease, the point of change in thinking.

Just imagine what will happen when people will finally know that aging is reversable. Then we can work to prevent teratomas, cancer and other downsides of it along the way.


frequenttimetraveler t1_j3qfydy wrote

yes i didn't mean to. they DOUBLED their remaining life. Would be ideal if they doubled overall life exp. And we don't know what would happened if they intervened earlier


Mokebe890 t1_j3qiips wrote

Excatly, just one step at time, remaining life, early life, overall life, its matter of changing the public opinion.


civilrunner t1_j3xioul wrote

Would be curious if whatever their cause of death received the same reprogramming or not. Simply removing one cause of age related death doesn't prolong life long since something else is normally close behind, you have to nearly do a full body reprogram which is far harder.

It will be interesting to learn more about the study.


LightbulbMaster42 t1_j3qgt8g wrote

Imagine tyrants living to 300 years old. Sounds like a great idea /s


KnightOfNothing t1_j3qhulu wrote

see there's a simple solution to that problem, it's this really cool trick for getting rid of tyrants and get this it's been around since forever but modern people seem to have completely forgotten about it

eliminating aging does not eliminate other sources of death, just the most certain one.


Mokebe890 t1_j3qif97 wrote

Uff good thing you put that s on the end


Blackmail30000 t1_j3ty43y wrote

Imagine having a hundred years to concoct a assassination plot.


QwertzOne t1_j3r6v84 wrote

I wonder, if advances in quantum biology could provide some answers for solving cancer and aging: A quantum theory of disease, including cancer and aging .

I learned lately that quantum physics explains how a tadpole is able to turn into a frog, thanks to quantum tunneling.


Mokebe890 t1_j3r8er7 wrote

Both artificial general intelligence and quantum theories are wonderful but honestly I prefer to take them with dose of scepticism. We sure should research them but first turning to more classical explanation of aging, cancer and disease would be more practical and short term feasable.