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BorgesBorgesBorges60 OP t1_j3q5xb4 wrote

>[...] the machine’s ecological mode of operation is claimed to provide the same efficiency of a conventional heat pump, while increasing energy savings and overall cost.
>A big part of that is the pump’s modulation, which allows users to increase or decrease the speaker’s volume to achieve the desired power output. Apart from that, the system is easy to install, doesn’t require maintenance and has a lifespan of around 30 years — about twice as long as a conventional heat pump.

Better yet, its inventors claim that it runs completely silently, thereby avoiding the low, ominous drumbeat signalling the end of days and the battle between heaven and hell you'd expect from a device built this way.


krichuvisz t1_j3q8lxl wrote

I thought that sounds good, but it doesn't sound at all.


Schyte96 t1_j3r4xih wrote

A similar system is used to cool the James Webb Space Telescope, so it has to be vibration free to the outside. You can't have vibration on a space telescope.