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speedywilfork t1_j3r1wsw wrote

duh, humans are just biological machines evolved to be efficient


abrandis t1_j3srj40 wrote

True to some degree, but there are no wheels in the animal not all biological machines the most efficient


Mragftw t1_j3svvtw wrote

I'm just trying to picture how a wheel would look evolved on a living organism... like it would require the ability to spin freely and I can't think of a single thing that can do that in nature


abrandis t1_j3swxvn wrote

There isn't , there are some animals that can coil themselves (centipedes, caterpillars) into a shape of a wheel/circle and roll or have the wind push them, but no none in the animal kingdom. I suspect because a free rotating wheel would be disconnected from the body that grew it...


deepdivisions t1_j3t02et wrote

I think the larger issue is that wheels don't scale well beyond flagellum type structures on a single cell; there isn't a path to scaling up to a larger wheel.


RoHouse t1_j3zly9h wrote

Which honestly wouldn't be that big of a problem, we've seen crazier stuff in nature before. The issue is that a wheel is a bad and inefficient design for the surface of Earth, which is rough, sloped, covered with stuff, dry, sticky etc. As humans we didn't invent only wheels, we also invented roads to go along with them and leveled rock formations, hills, forests etc to build them. In a fully natural world without roads, wheels are useless.


BalrogPoop t1_j40dy0b wrote

Probably because wheels aren't very versatile compared to limbs, you can't defend yourself with a wheel like a foot or a fist. Also biologically difficult to grow since youd need some way of controlling them but I can't think how you'd do do the physical attachments in a biological sense since animals tend to be made up of long stringy fibers or hard shells.


pierifle t1_j3y0zoy wrote

Planthoppers have gears, if that counts


pakarne t1_j3sn72w wrote

"Breaking news: Planes look like Birds.. coincidence? We think so!"