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r2k-in-the-vortex t1_j6jf1ss wrote

Waymo and Cruise are the ones in the lead. Tesla got nothing at this point.

And they are already on the market, just that the market is as of yet very small indeed. It's going to take time to scale it up, years. But it will happen, I expect self driving cars to be somewhat common, enough to not turn heads anymore, by end of decade.


Sirisian t1_j6jo436 wrote

Aurora also has test vehicles including trucks and have been testing them in various cities collecting data.


r2k-in-the-vortex t1_j6jq1ba wrote

Yeah there are a lot of self-driving companies out there trying all sorts of approaches. A lot of them with much more modest programs than putting a regular car on the road without a driver, but ultimately all chasing the same thing.

Road transport is a global 3 trillion dollar industry, successfully automating that is financial win for the ages.

You though internet was a tech boom? You just watch as self driving takes off.


Badfickle t1_j6mzh3h wrote

Tesla's 10.69 is pretty impressive, and its a generalized solution.

I'd say Tesla and waymo are in the lead.

Cuise and BYD likely a ways behind

Mercedes is way back.


tanrgith t1_j6kats6 wrote

Many people are probably gonna point to companies like Waymo who already operate robotaxi's. And that is true, and they will continue to operate for several years to come at minimum

However Waymo isn't close to profitable, and their tech isn't really designed in a scalable way (cars are too expensive, not able to be mass produced, and the software basically needs a ton of hardcoding to work in any given area), which is why they're still only operating in a few small parts of cities like Phoenix and San Francisco


professor_mc t1_j6kpd5o wrote

I can already hail a Waymo from my house. They expand territory as they complete their extensive mapping and testing process. Their cars are all over Phoenix either carrying passengers or doing test runs to add territory.


NordicTraderV t1_j6iz3ja wrote

I think BYD will probably be competing against Tesla on this one. BYD holds more sales than Tesla as of now, but I don't know which one of the companies holds the most advanced AI.

I guess 2030


JackSavanderNelson t1_j6m5q56 wrote

I read that Hyundai plans to put a robotaxi model on the streets in 2023. Havent had the time to look into it, but for sure something to follow.


KristofferSeemann t1_j6m5gud wrote

Great inputs. I think the vision of the CEO's of the different EV companies should also be taken into consideration on this matter. For instance, Elon Musks overall goal is to put humans on Mars. Tesla revenue is just a small step on the way to achieving that goal.