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ChalupaCabre t1_j3wtqs4 wrote

Earth is also zipping around our star at 67,000mph and yet I don’t feel a damn thing.


johnfogogin t1_j3wulr4 wrote

Yet it takes us 365.25 days to get around it.


ChalupaCabre t1_j3wv4zw wrote

Yeah earth days… 24 hours because earth is also spinning at a rate of 1037.7mph.

Everything’s so dang fast! It’s like a dang carnival ride, except it isn’t making me throw up!


BlondeMomentByMoment t1_j3xal6d wrote

I’m a bit nauseated by our plants condition, but that’s another topic altogether.

Keep your arms and hands inside the ride ;)


ChalupaCabre t1_j3xlevy wrote

You just need some herbal psilocybin tea to settle you. Thanks Mother Nature!


BlondeMomentByMoment t1_j3y4fm6 wrote

You’re not wrong.

I’m becoming more educated about treatments with such a thing and plan to involve myself in a little horticulture.


ChalupaCabre t1_j3yzamu wrote

Totally off topic… but I read a few books and listened to some podcasts, then started micro and macro dosing psilocybin about 3 years ago.

I’m not saying my lifelong bouts of depression are cured, but I have never been better!!

It was pretty “grey market” stuff here.. technically illegal, but cops & government don’t really go after people. Happy to say that as of January 1st it’s legal for small amounts of possession as a trial run for 3 years.

I think psilocybin/mdma type therapies could do wonders on people with addictions, depression and PTSD among dozens of other non-beneficial mental health issues.


BlondeMomentByMoment t1_j3z3evq wrote

I really appreciate your comment.

I’m absolutely on board with psychedelics for treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD and so on. There’s a lot of data to support the benefit.

It’s been decriminalized where I live. Psychedelics can be possessed , grown, gifted.

There are therapists, they don’t dispense, but they act as guides.

I haven’t looked much at the subreddit here. Ive got a PharmD friend and another friend that worked as a grower in the cannabis industry. Her friend that owned that have a company that sells growing medium, lights etc. they used to grow mushroom and gave her some spores. I’ve got a perfect little closet in the basement of my old house.

Feel free to message me anytime to talk about it.

I don’t know where to get anything. Ketamine IV was a huge fail for me. Mostly because the practitioners didn’t prepare or guide me.

Sorry for the novel. I just really appreciates your comment.

Congrats on feeling better. I’d take feeling less awful as a win.