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ackbobthedead t1_j40l3tg wrote

It’s hard to prescribe drugs for therapeutic use without trials and studies… especially when the First Federal Grant for Psychedelic Treatment Research in 50 years happened in 2021 as per the link below.

John Hopkins is one of the larger entities doing therapeutic studies on psychedelics. Scroll down a little bit on this link for examples on psychedelics assisting with depression, anxiety, smoking, ego, etc.


goldork t1_j40poxi wrote

Of course. I agree with you. Parts of Scientific method. Tried and true. Now i wonder if my comment implied it as otherwise. Well, i did put /s and a strikethrough so it shoudnt be taken seriously. Edit: ok i get it. It sound like a redditor trope that conclude just from a headline

Ever since i watched the video i linked, I realized psychedelics may have potential as a pharmacological agent. Perhaps for some psychological indication. However as studies and trials are ongoing, its still inconclusive. Unless im not aware if any psychedelic that was approved with proper indication for therapeutic use. (Edit: there is. Ketamine)

All the findings have shown how promising it is so far though. Never consumed it. Aware of the stigma. So im interested of the outcome. It might even be among the early drugs designed by an Ai.


wwiinndyy t1_j40qj2f wrote

It depends, if you count ketamine therapy, used to treat treatment resistant depression among other disorders


goldork t1_j40ua96 wrote

You're correct actually. Totally forgot ketamine is a psychedelic when it has been an anaesthetic agent for a long time. And i wasnt aware of its drug repurpose got fda approval at 2019. So i need to get my fact corrected.


wwiinndyy t1_j411zhg wrote

Yeah, it's very recent and I don't fault you for not knowing beforehand. Hopefully it helps pave the way for proper scientific studies on other psychedelics, and eventually scheduled according to their therapeutic benefit