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James-Logan2--_ t1_j40o7oa wrote

There is more to decentralized technology than just finance. For example, you’re failing to consider communication protocols (like Ylide, which allows you to create your own DeComm protocol). Also another good one is decentralized name services, which allow you to register a domain on the blockchain. You’re right about one thing, a lot of the hype has died out, which perfectly explains why you haven’t heard much about these solutions. People are just not talking about crypto as much, so you won’t be hearing about these in bear markets. But you know what they say about these market conditions, they filter out the bad projects, while proper teams are going to be focusing on developing their platforms even further.


The_Mann_In_Black t1_j41s4cz wrote

It’s interesting that the term decentralized is being primarily applied (in this discussion) to finance and the internet/communication.

I think the strongest decentralization is coming in food production and energy. Solar panels and wind allow if decentralized production. Greenhouses increase the availability and quality of food for millions of people. 3D printing, while still limited in application, allows for spare parts to be made closer to where they are used.

Centralization creates the potential for massive failure in these industries, with truly catastrophic results. Whereas in finance, the value of centralization is pretty massive and when it does fail it doesn’t directly result in death.


quaintSloe OP t1_j41syns wrote

I know what you mean, but that is a different decentralization that we also very much DO need. I'm more approaching the aspect of the internet, no DeFi, that's something that purely applies to cryptographic currency. I'm more leaning towards its utility that was promised


The_Mann_In_Black t1_j41tkhh wrote

The US has strong institutions and gains a lot of value from centralization, which is why adoption hasn’t really gone anywhere.

You’re more likely to see adoption in countries with weaker, less trustworthy, or lack of institutions like Brazil. Your average American has no strong incentive to adopt crypto currency or blockchain technology in their daily life.

I would suggest looking into adoption of coins and crypto in Brazilian agriculture.


quaintSloe OP t1_j40vzgz wrote

Sounds cool! In all honesty, though, I do wanna see decentralized storage, just like remihoh


vgf89 t1_j44ljki wrote

Hell, even Mastodon is doing pretty well these days given Twitter's awkward struggle. It's decentralized in that anyone can run a server, but also a server is allowed to break connection with any other server they see as problematic which is great for protecting your instance's users from bullshit. At the same time, users can move from one instance to another (and their followers remain in-tact) without too much hassle. It's a surprisingly elegant design for a social network.