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Julie_mrrea t1_j45looe wrote

If only climate crisis wasn't there :/ one could even look forward to the future


DanEpiCa t1_j45oexk wrote

An optimist would say one step at a time. Although I share your concerns.


VerlinMerlin t1_j45qxsm wrote

A pessimist would point at wealth inequality and politicians.


bottom t1_j463tdu wrote

Shall we go for a realist.

There’s a problem. It needs to be fixed but worry an panic will do nothing, expect lessen your life experience. And health.

Back in subject. I’m truly exciting by this. My friend just lost his wife in 6 months to cancer. Horrific. She was a beautiful person and died so young leaving him and two kids. It’s so tragic.


VerlinMerlin t1_j465vu0 wrote

I am too! I lost my grandaunt to it a few years ago. Had stomach and trachea cancer( I think? was in the neck, they wouldn't tell me much) in that order. Fought it for a decade. The cancer kept relapsing. In the end she died watching TV. Was peaceful as far as deaths go, her organs had too much and failed

her life's goal was to make a hospital for the poor people around her hometown. Even though she was Dean of the local college and head of the local government hospital, she lived in a tiny flat had no servants. Even when she was 80.

But the money just wasn't enough. The cancer ate at it and inflation destroyed any chance of it working.


bottom t1_j467j5m wrote

It’s horrible isn’t it. I’m sorry. She sounds like a great person


Test19s t1_j45s0h3 wrote

Getting stabbed in the back by your own rising lifespan would be a pretty shitty end for a civilization.


xieta t1_j45ynte wrote

If it’s any consolation, climate change won’t end the planet, and almost certainly won’t end the species.

When we do eventually stabilize the climate, we’ll come out the other side as a species capable of regulating its entire planet’s environment, which is pretty big step in our development.

We probably won’t live to see the recovery, but we can (and probably will) live through the treatment.


Julie_mrrea t1_j46dwi0 wrote

Not really a consolation but thanks. Some of us will survive yay maybe even science and society won't go back to xix century. Perhaps someone will remember about women rights and minorities. Maybe. There is always hope. Perhaps maybe we won't see second and third hitler. It could be that school system will be still there in some form and healthcare.

A big maybe but perhaps religions won't make a big comeback in hard times to their fundamentalistic roots?


xieta t1_j46f66b wrote

A lot more than some. People will suffer, but mass starvation does not seem likely.

The best and worst thing about climate change is that it's a creeping problem, not a single event. It takes long time to recognize the problem, but we also have lots of time to adapt and respond.


Julie_mrrea t1_j46gq9w wrote

That makes sense but from what I know it already or as we speak crosses certain thresholds that make it impossible to go back in the near mid term at least. What I commented is also a form of adaptation from evolutionary point of view. That's what I am scared of - adaptation. Strong survive 'weak', poor go extinct. You believe science progress will prevent the worst. I can't afford faith i probably should do prep work in 5 to 10 years and must follow the topic closely to check rate of changes. If it won't come to the worst then yay nice but if it comes better to be ready. It's not just some reddit abstract talk but life altering thing.

Already things are bad tbh here thanks to alt right gov chosen because of climate immigration.

For example I must make a lifelong supply of grey market life saving medicine soonish. That's prep work


xieta t1_j46mi21 wrote

> That's what I am scared of - adaptation. Strong survive 'weak', poor go extinct.

Adaptation means the fittest survive, but fitness is just a measure of how well a species thrives in its environment, not just strength. Our adaptation to climate change is not evolution of our genes, it's changing our society to eliminate green house gas emissions, and become more resilient to severe weather events and loss of biodiversity. None of those are outside our abilities.

> You believe science progress will prevent the worst.

Scientific progress is very useful, but adapting to climate change is actually much more of a political and engineering problem than a scientific one.

I'm optimistic for that reason. We have the knowledge and tech, we just need the motivation to act. Fortunately, the worse it gets, the stronger that motivation becomes.


Julie_mrrea t1_j46o86p wrote

You seem to expect people will orderly go in lines when the supermarket burns. That seems rather... detached. It is gonna be free for all in there at some point, anarchy. That's what i am prepping for. The fact that you haven't even asked me where I live says a lot about this discussion. In some places over the world it already started. Pakistan right now is very hellish of a place to be in.

62% of population lives on less than $10 per day. We are not the rule but exception that soon can and probably will correct a bit


regalrecaller t1_j47vjnj wrote

We need more carbon extraction factories that produce bricks of carbon from the air, and we need to shut off all the methane leaks. That last one is super super important, I sure hope we have people working on that


Longjumping_Pilgirm t1_j4j009e wrote

While the climate crisis is there, so are the solutions, or ways we can deal with the changes in ways that aren't painful. This subreddit alone puts forward many different news articles about technologies that will or already are greatly helping with that, but some are not that obvious are only become noticable after thinking about it for a while.