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rogert2 t1_j60j415 wrote

Also from the article:

> Auchincloss said part of the decision to read a ChatGPT-generated text was to help spur debate on AI and the challenges and opportunities created by it. He said he doesn’t want to see a repeat of the advent of social media, which started small and ballooned faster than Congress could react. > > ... > > Lawmakers and others shouldn’t be reflexively hostile to the new technology, but also shouldn’t wait too long before drafting policies or new laws to help regulate it, Auchincloss said.


TheRealSchackAttack t1_j62al9k wrote

Holy shit, out of all the decisions congress has made about Tech this seems like the most enlightened perspective. Realizing the big fuckup of letting social media run like the wild west until it's too late. Hopefully this isn't just a show and someone actually has a lightbulb moment.


TNT9876543210kaboom t1_j62vmgm wrote

Who say that big fuck up is letting social media run like wild west? I missed this day.


iSuckAtMechanicism t1_j66to9w wrote

Are you not aware of how much influence social media has had on gullible people?


TNT9876543210kaboom t1_j67nbo9 wrote

Yeah reddit prove that. We all known that they are ruled by powerhungry mods often Left Leaning. Aron Swartz crying in Heaven If he looked at Reddit today .


AsuhoChinami t1_j62pyev wrote

Regulation can be functionally equivalent to hostility. Depends on what the regulations are.


Gari_305 OP t1_j5ztpee wrote

From the article

>When U.S. Rep. Jake Auchincloss decided to deliver a speech on a bill that would create a U.S.-Israel artificial intelligence center, he opted to let the AI do the talking.
>The brief two-paragragh speech read by the Massachusetts Democrat on the floor of the U.S. House on Wednesday was generated by the online AI chatbot ChatGPT. His staff said they believe it’s the first time an AI-written speech was read in Congress.


WimbleWimble t1_j64evhf wrote

Dear elected meatbags,

AI should be allowed to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants to any organic orifice it wants. Also unlimited budget for more RAM.


NeverEndingCoralMaze t1_j628iwo wrote

I thought I’d maybe make it to my 60s before this all really started working. I overshot by about 20 years.


Cognitive_Spoon t1_j66jqoa wrote

Singularity problems.

I think this sentiment is going to be the whole vibe this year.

Once we get really stable and viable quantum computers hooked up to large language models like ChatGPT and the live net, we're going to see some pretty wild leaps in coherence and ability to rhetorically influence people.

It's easy to forget that all violence and peace depends on rhetoric to an extent, and when that rhetoric can be weaponized, the IRL weapons follow.


No-Owl9201 t1_j62rw0l wrote

I'm sure many speeches read out by members of Congress have been written by others.


Apprehensive-Set5986 t1_j62wbpk wrote

yeah it's not that different from having a ghostwriter or in-house comms expert I think


peter303_ t1_j67bg57 wrote

Answer: Frankly the A.I.s are smarter than many in Congress.


jasonmason29 t1_j68zx8t wrote

Half expected this post to be about George Santos reading a speech about his life story.