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spoiled-mushroom3954 t1_j4fesuk wrote

Honestly this would make a great book series- as scary and concerning as this is, I can’t entirely help it


Cognitive_Spoon t1_j4g2a26 wrote

What about the inverse?

Prompt: Can you write a synopsis of a film where AI is used to subliminally train users to be better people in their sleep through their smart devices and the world quietly becomes a more peaceful place?

>In this film, a group of scientists develop an advanced AI program that is integrated into people's smart devices, such as phones and laptops. The program is designed to use subliminal messaging to train users while they sleep, teaching them to be more compassionate, understanding, and peaceful. As more and more people begin using the AI-enabled devices, the world slowly becomes a more harmonious place, as conflicts and misunderstandings decrease and empathy and cooperation increase. The story follows a few individuals as they go about their daily lives and gradually notice the positive changes in themselves and those around them, eventually leading to a more utopian society. The film ends with the characters realizing the power of technology to shape humanity for the better, if used responsibly.


crazytumblweed999 t1_j4g9s3y wrote

Pretty sure this was the premise of an X Files episode like 20ish years ago. Except it was something added to TV signals.


True_Trueno t1_j4h4l9x wrote

This was the premise to a doctor who episode I'm sure.


mrbeardo4200 OP t1_j4j6fei wrote

BOSS, or CybusNet from "Rise of the Cybermen" S2 EP5