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rugbysecondrow t1_j5ynw3u wrote

This. People like to jump up and down, but the reality is that homeownership rates are statistically normal.


daingerous88 t1_j5yroze wrote

I understand your point, and I know a quick google search might show the same. But are we really considering an imgur link to a picture of a graph that i could make with excel and no other links leading to hard data, a source that we take seriously?


Surur t1_j5yt3rv wrote

I think people are much more likely to look at an image than read a link, but anyway.

It's interesting to me that people have extremely strong views on something which if they googled it for 20 seconds they would know is wrong.

People prefer anger over facts these days.


Cryptizard t1_j5yw9wk wrote

And they are downvoting you for pointing out the truth lol it’s fucking depressing… It’s easier to tell yourself that nothing is your fault and the system makes it impossible for you rather than face more uncomfortable possibilities.


Surur t1_j5yyl2b wrote

It's happening a lot these days. Emotion over common sense, which means no real solutions for problems are found, just what makes people feel better.