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Stealthy_Snow_Elf t1_j5yruf0 wrote

No. Just no. Homeownership rate has stagnated since the conservative/capitalist cultural revolution in the 70s. Went up over 20 points in twenty years during more a progressive america (the same one that desegregated, implemented minimum wage, established social security and other welfare programs) starting under FDR and ended when Nixon took office and then since has basically remained the same for the last fifty years.

Without Americans going back to how thr US used to be, more public funding, public projects, public employment, and higher taxes on the rich things will stay as they have for the last fifty years.

If anything, homeownership rate will probably drop in the coming years as deregulation and a weakened bureaucracy has lead to hedge funds and bug businesses building rentals and buying houses en masse to turn into rentals. Watch, wait for the boomers to die out and for the Xers to hit retirement age and then you’ll see that shit get so bad.

That’s not even talking about your other “ideas”