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SomeRandomEntity44 t1_j5yx8pr wrote

At the end of the day, homeownership is a scam. You rent, albeit at a lower cost than right out renting a home. Don't pay your taxes. See what happens. You get evicted, just like a renter.


UniversalMomentum t1_j5z2i6n wrote

Yeah, but try to sell your rental and see what happens. You can cash out a house and get back a considerable amount. With rent you pay about the same with no options to cash out. If you have low rent with utilities included it can be a good deal here and there vs trying to upkeep a low end house, but those deals are rather far and few between for anything that isn't half falling down junk.

For most home owners the analogy would be not paying mortgage gets you evicted. You can not pay taxes for years usually before they take your house because they will offer payment plans and such vs a landlord just being like YOUR DONE GET OUT!