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UniversalMomentum t1_j5yzx58 wrote

The goal is for person X to make money, that's all. There is no grand conspiracy, it's just lots of assholes trying to make money with any opportunity they see.

Capitalism did not invent greed, greed was a thing before capitalism was even remotely conceived, so you will have these problems in any system with limited resources because that's just how humans are naturally. The sooner you can realize that more sense the world will make to you.


musicofspheres1 t1_j5zt0im wrote

That’s what I’m saying, there is no nefarious plan, no evil billionaires, they are doing exactly what the market incentivizes. Human nature fallacy is just the same as the religion cop out. Any actual studies such as epigenetic research shows that humans are a product of their environment.