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UniversalMomentum t1_j5z29cr wrote

If robots kill that many jobs it also means everything becomes dirt cheap because labor is almost always the biggest cost of everything. In reality robots will kills some jobs and make some jobs and kill some jobs and make some jobs, there won't be any big all at once style change.

So yeah you might not have a job, but you will have robots that can build houses with almost no labor cost and farmers that can farm food with almost no labor cost.


johnp299 t1_j60bj89 wrote

If I have money, I can have robots that build things for low cost.

If I don't, and someone else has robots that build low cost things, how do I get those things from them? Will they simply give them away? Will the government force them? What if they simply want to keep the robots and the many houses for themselves, and their own family & friends?