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So I've been seeing a ton of post since ChatGPT on AI taking out given jobs. Some seem to think lawyers, some think teachers, and so on. It's almost like a death pool. Like we all know some people are just going to be screwed when it comes to this. Like those driving trucks today most likely will be OK. But they are likely the last generation to really do this.

So it's extremely obvious in 10 or 20 years the world will be a different place.


  • In what ways will AI or robotics help someone keep a job?
  • In what ways will AI or robotics help someone get a job?
  • What new jobs will come with the changes with AI and robotics?

I know a lot of people here have this magical illusion that with AI people won't need jobs. This is great, and maybe true. But this isn't over night.

"sorry you lost your job, but you will never need one anyways because we got you covered"

It is likely if such a thing will happen, it will be generations away. We are likely screwed. And even if we aren't and lets say in 5 years magically this happens. You still got to eat and what not over those 5 years. Meaning you likely are going to need to work.



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WH1TERAVENs t1_j4k8lco wrote

In what ways will AI or robotics help someone keep a job? Many jobs will become easier with the help of AI. Especially job where you have to use a pc. This will shorten your time at work and means less burnouts and people will work longer before there retire. That's how AI will help you keep your job longer, or I'm just naive and our corporate overlords will let us work to death.


abrandis t1_j4vug7l wrote

AI will simply allow companies to do the same or more work with less workers.

Think about it , if a company now has 5 copywriters or artists they may be able to make do with 2 or 1 because all that person does is vet or edit the AI generated work, the heavy lifting part the content generation is done by the machine . In other fields like medical imaging, fewer doctors (radiologists) will be needed to "sign-off" on the AI generated diagnosis...and so on in other fields.


taoistchainsaw t1_j4jxuiu wrote

We’ll always need people to fix toilets, unclog shit pipes, pick fruit for pennys, wipe the asses of the old and infirm. AI gets all the writing and music and art though.


MOYCT t1_j4nwsgl wrote

>We’ll always need people to fix toilets, unclog shit pipes, pick fruit for pennys, wipe the asses of the old and infirm. AI gets all the writing and music and art though.

I can't stop thinking about this nightmare. We are facing a wave of suicides among creative people around the world.


Algarde86 t1_j4jyzww wrote

I am a graphic artist and Midjourney increased A LOT my production. More artworks to sell, more sales. I used AIs to improve and increase the number of my artworks for sale from day one basically (at first I was using Disco Diffusion, then my MJ request for beta was accepted more or less one year ago). I never cried about the AI stealing or destroying my work and business, but instead I used it from the first minute as a tool, like Photoshop or any other tool a digital artist can use.


johndeuff t1_j4k5cn2 wrote

I imagine ai personal assistant will be your best advisor in terms of career and opportunities.


kabo0686 t1_j4l3yur wrote

AI will be your advisor on everything. Mind boggling.


johndeuff t1_j4l6zfs wrote

Yeah I mean it’s already the case for many things. AI is just much better at taking decisions. I just hope that personal assistant will have the individual interest in mind and will not be corrupted with ads.


Sentsuizan t1_j4ktnjx wrote

I use AI to help organize my thoughts. It's excellent as a brainstorming tool. I've become far more productive because of it.


XGatsbyX t1_j4lfhkx wrote

Think of Iron Man, theoretically anyone can wear the suit and have the superpower but not everyone is Tony stark. AI is like Jarvis for everyone, so everyone is theoretically armed the same, but if you give everyone a sword not everyone will be good with it. Smart people will use it to cure cancer while others will use it to watch porn. AI is still dependent on inputs and the questions asked (prompts) not all AI is the same.

AI will become like a personal co-pilot. If it’s utilized to maximize performance to the user learning about the user from every question and query then more advanced thinkers will have more advanced AI. If a 60 year old phd engineer and a 6 year old both used the same AI for 10 years the outputs would be very different when responding but questions will be deeper and more challenging.

Not everyone is capable of using tools equally, not everyone thinks the same.


G33ONER t1_j4mspe4 wrote

There's a post reply from a week or so ago (tried finding it) of a person simulating interview questions and responses after revamping the CV through chatgpt in a series of taylored questions on suitability of roles and skills and they seemed happy with the results, I've been casually chatting on and off for a while with Chatgpt and you can throw it your tangent ideas on the topic at hand and get a well formed responses, once you tune into it that is. Should come with a pinch of salt warning so you need to be aware of it going back on things it's typed out.

Tldr it's cool af


matate99 t1_j4n46cg wrote

I used it to take bullet points and format them into an executive report. I hate that shit. Saved me 10min of actual time but massively reduced my stress.