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Ph0enixRuss3ll t1_j63t512 wrote

I really hope I don't live to see a nuclear war: either die in the first bomb or it just not happen. The world uniting against a common threat would be one way to do it. But are people really so terrible that we can't see any threat if it's not a foreign threat? What about domestic threats like politicians who lie and people who don't have enough self respect to demand the truth?


AloofPenny t1_j63uk0g wrote

This is a people problem. Let people fix it. When he wanted to sell books, bezos had a bunch of money and tuned it into …ta-da….. a marketplace. “Oh I wish Fiverr existed!” “If only YouTube were free!?” You got me on healthcare though, that one balks at the thought of being reined in.


Ph0enixRuss3ll t1_j63wlvu wrote

Socialized education that prioritizes experience: a person move from medical assistant, to nurse, to doctor. It's perfectly fine for doctors to be fiercely competitive; not fine for them to be capitalist monsters selling treatments rather than providing cures.

Socialize emergency Healthcare because negotiation under duress is extortion. Let people have free hospital stays to recover; only cost being the time they take away from their work.

Free the drug market for safer recreational drugs and cheaper medicinal drugs. Let people not in hospital decide for themselves what's medicine and pay for it themselves.