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ImplementExtension58 OP t1_j5zing0 wrote


NofksgivnabtLIFE t1_j5zxri8 wrote

Thats what I do. Its cake after 20 years in the field of hvacr.


combamba-La t1_j61qfkx wrote

How does one go about getting started in that field?


TheSchlaf t1_j61rr46 wrote

Learn ladder logic. There's a great course on Udemy covering basic ladder logic in RSLogix.


wowowwubzywow t1_j63ah27 wrote

This field is split. You can also get into HVAC control systems. Smart Buildings academy has some good knowledge on it.


combamba-La t1_j63gbv9 wrote

Thanks for this also, I’m currently in HVAC service but feel that I would like to advance into a more technical field within the industry. I’ll definitely be checking them out


wowowwubzywow t1_j63hatl wrote

Nice nice ! I went the college route and started in service controls with a large HVAC company and was able to move up pretty quick from there