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Feisty-Juan t1_j4ng61k wrote

We’re a tribal group of critters. We can’t even get our system of government in the U.S. 2 sides to agree to pay the bills and keep everything going so we don’t go into economic collapse! Division is hard wired in our brains and greed, power and fear will never let us be a global union. Especially if the world goes into economic chaos! Then we’ll be living the Jonny Mnemonic/ Freejack future. I’m already thinking of writing a Soylent Green cookbook;)


rogue_scholarx t1_j4o9pg4 wrote

This is why I think the only acceptable answer is: aliens.

We'd still think tribally, but "human" would have a shot at becoming the new primary tribe.

God help the xenos.


Feisty-Juan t1_j4oc2ws wrote

If something has the technology to travel interstellar space and come to earth with any bad intentions? It would be exactly like that terrible Ron Hubbard movie battle field earth. Except no happy ending. Just mankind oppressed or annihilated. I’m hopeful there’s a Star track structure in the universe and we are protected by the United federation of planets and they have a plan to keep us from destroying ourselves. Because we are well on our way to doing that right now.but to believe we would rally together to defend our planet and not be completely destroyed is just funny! Resistance is futile.


rogue_scholarx t1_j4or0pu wrote

We'd best hope for friendliness because physics make orbital bombardment a fairly one-sided nightmare.


Feisty-Juan t1_j4orlhe wrote

Bombardment is a way of killing primitive primates use. I’m sure they would have much more high tech capabilities to remove the surface nuisance that is humanity


Frank_chevelle t1_j4pswyt wrote

Except there would be groups of people who would try to help the aliens, others who would take advantage of the situation to try and make money etc…..


knova___ t1_j4p3mgw wrote

A single ethnostate would solve that issue..the us and the uk and Canada are essentially the same culture or atleast have similar values and ideas so those would make a formidable force against the rest of the world if ethnicity in the west was erased and everyone became grey. It would be too easy for this polyethnic race to think and believe it’s superior and eliminate the base ethnicities.


Comeino t1_j4nvxlm wrote

What is the purpose of operating as a global civilization if we keep being apes?