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omfg100 t1_j4o43ks wrote

This reminds me of that movie snowpiercer where the poor peasants were forced to eat bugs while the rich enjoyed real meat.


Dull-Contact120 t1_j4oj999 wrote

Roach bricks, coming to a ghetto near you.


AdvancedCharcoal t1_j4oqmj6 wrote

Roach is a extremely renewable and easily obtainable food source. They’re everywhere and easy to breed. All you have to do is never clean, or throw out the trash. In fact they make life easier! Win win for everyone.


[deleted] t1_j4p7hwi wrote

Actually I've eaten roaches before and they are delicious.


Pubelication t1_j4q3xj5 wrote

Also, no need for a fridge. Just lift your matress and lunch is almost ready. Fun for the whole family.


thorsten139 t1_j4osafn wrote

steaks for the rich, mealworm patties for the poor.


ToothlessGrandma t1_j4p5qak wrote

Good luck with that. People refused to wear masks, you think the average person is going to eat meal worms. The rich people won't have anywhere to hide.


thorsten139 t1_j4pb7j1 wrote

It will be subtle.

Restrictions on cattle rearing due to climate change.

Scarcity makes price increase exponentially andmeat alternatives becoming mainstream.


UnionMountain4680t t1_j4qc38r wrote

And some positive PR on how bugs are healthy. Some cool pixar movies about how bugs are great and we are there. But I guess this is a great thing for everybody!?:)


Littleman88 t1_j4qn14j wrote

Not sure they could positively spin eating bugs.

They could however, make eating bugs out to be owning the libs and get at least half the population on board. The same half that would sooner see the atmosphere burn before giving up pork and beef at that.

I make no apologies for my previous statement, as I'm under the impression lefties are more likely to go vegan/bugs than the right. Gotta know what you're dealing with when you propose massive societal change.


UnionMountain4680t t1_j4tgg9y wrote

I think left is more open to change by design no? :) I think this is a matter of perception- a lot of stuff that is okay today was considered bad before, but eating might just be a more extreme case, but extreme times extreme measures maybe?:)


thorsten139 t1_j4qjmd8 wrote

It's a great thing if everyone is eating bugs. Not the rich eating beef and the poor eating bugs heh


UnionMountain4680t t1_j4tfxi4 wrote

Well that will feel not fair for sure but net is still better no?) but if fairness is important then maybe not so great yeah)


thorsten139 t1_j4tjovq wrote

they aren't mutually exclusive.

you can just have everyone eat bugs whether they are rich or poor.


UnionMountain4680t t1_j4uso7q wrote

Yep sure. I am okay with bugs and probably everyone will or even should be okay. I think this is a matter of perception. I am from the place where it is okay to eat horses and dogs (but in minority still) and oh do I have a looks in my life abroad hehe but for me it is absolutely the same being lamb or dog and vast majority of people think I am totally wrong:)


APEHASKILLEDAPE t1_j4o4osx wrote

No and we need to stop this nonsense about eating bugs. If this is something you find appealing then great but for those of us who don’t, never gonna happen.


KorewaRise t1_j4ose9x wrote

fun fact. its a massive misconception that "they want you to eat bug". their usually ground into a flour like substance. stuff like cricket flour already exists and its incredibly healthy.

when hear of "meat replacement" you probably think bug steaks but it'd really be like a bread or something that has an incredibly high protein content. and even if its bug steaks, we really need to take in just how BAD the meat industry is. shit is responsable for 14.5% of the worlds carbon emissions or 60% of all food related emissions, the meat industry is very unsustainable.


Pubelication t1_j4pl2sv wrote

57% of that 14% is livestock, plant-based is 29%.

Let's pretend that all livestock disappears. Where the fuck do you think the emissions from livestock, which are mostly caused by transportation and farming machinery are going to go? Those people will need to eat something. In Europe for example, the only place that vegetables grow from Oct to Mar are in the very south (Spain, Italy, Greece), and heated greenhouses with artificial lighting. Livestock is available year-round locally and virtually unaffected by weather.


KorewaRise t1_j4rp3cx wrote

oh wow its almost like we're trying to find alternatives that pollute less, require less overhead and logistics. but based off this comment section y'all don't give a shit, you just want meat no matter the consequences


Pubelication t1_j4rprmi wrote

Okay, but like I mentioned, fruits/vegetables require much more logistics as they don't grow year-round, whereas a pig dgaf about winter if it has a pen.


KorewaRise t1_j4rtskp wrote

it also needs to shit, fart, eat, drink water, breathe, etc. animals need a metric fuck ton more resources than plants.

live stock uses 36% of all crops we grow for animal feed.

80% of ALL agricultural land goes toward livestock or their food.

it also takes YEARS to actually eat it, a fucking sweet potatoe takes like 90 days to grow.

we could easily feed the world 4 times over if we didn't have such a meat addiction, but we rather destroy the planet than quit eating as much meat.


nameTotallyUnique t1_j4q6bq9 wrote

Well for the 29% plant based to make since a big percentage of that is feeding the livestock. Else i would like to see the source on livestock emmision being smaller then plantbased.


Pubelication t1_j4q7gr5 wrote

It's not smaller, it's 57% vs 29%.

But if all people eating meat stopped, the emissions from plant farming to replace those calories would skyrocket. The only way to lower plant-based food emissions is to not ship it, which would mean almost the entire northern hemisphere would have no fruits or vegetables half the year, or they'd have to be grown in heated and artificially lit greenhouses, which again creates emissions.

It makes more sense to not ship meat around as much and buy local. In Europe that's caused by some countries subsidizing certain meat types and exporting them.


nameTotallyUnique t1_j4qakc1 wrote

Thanks for the clearup.

Well alot of the food to raise livestock is shipped anyhow. Yes shipping anything that can produced locally doesnt make to much sense. But i would assume that the emmissions of transportation of it using containerships is small compared to the production.

If all peole stopped eating meat we would certainly save emmission even if transported. And ofc plant based emmissions would go up. Same as if everyone stopped eating advocates and eat apples instead the emission for apples would go up but the total emmision that was for applea and advocatoes would deastical go down.

But yes eating locally makes sense and it's another debate. Plant based can easily be produced locally aswell.


berrytas t1_j52omf5 wrote

you're so brainwashed, it's insane. meat is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet and is no more climate-harsh than vegetables will become if they replace those fields. humans have prized meat for 100,000s of years, but because its been trendy for 5 years, now you'll eat roaches. makes sense.


KorewaRise t1_j53b50v wrote

just because its been done for a long time doesn't mean its good.


>you're so brainwashed, it's insane.

ironic. you say this three days later as you know you're not arguing in good faith and if this thread was still active others would dog pile you too. piss off you fetid excuse


Floveet t1_j4pds8t wrote

If meat is 14% what makes for the majority ? Is it the biggest one or one of the issue only and there s something bigger ? If there is something bigger and more reponsible for carbon emissions, how about focusing on that then? How about big corp and factories ?


KorewaRise t1_j4pf369 wrote

btw almost all cars emit almost the same as the meat industry does. everyone all gong ho about going ev, by going all ev it would have the same impact as eating less meat. climate change is a multifaceted thing we cant just tackle 1 angle and call it a day. we need to hit them all and get net negative asap (but thats easier said than done when all politicians have this same mindset).

idk what it is with this mentally of only being able to focus on 1 thing at a time.


Mindrust t1_j4rmr5k wrote

Seriously, don't understand why this is being pushed so hard recently. It will never be a thing in first world countries.


SlouchyGuy t1_j4oyihk wrote

We already eat them - shrimp, crabs, crawfish


Devlos00 t1_j4p463r wrote

Who is we? I don’t eat those things.


ToothlessGrandma t1_j4p5u6x wrote

Neither do I, and I wish people would stop calling them bugs. That's a clear attempt at gaslighting the situation. The average person doesn't think of those things when someone says bugs.

Never once in my entire life have I thought of sea creatures as bugs.


dehehn t1_j4p66q3 wrote

Insects are descended from marine crustaceans.


w0mbatina t1_j4pafqy wrote

Yeah and cows are descended from fish, but you dont see them on a seafood platter.


dehehn t1_j4pbryf wrote

Except spiders actually look like crabs. Cows don't look like fish.


Pubelication t1_j4q2qzh wrote

> Except spiders actually look like crabs.

Yeah, if you're looking through a bottle of vodka.


dehehn t1_j4qzp8v wrote

Uh. No. They're both 8 joint-legged creatures with bulbous bodies and exoskeletons. Compared to a fish and a cow they are extremely similar.

If ya'll want to convince yourself that eating crabs isn't gross I understand it. But it's pretty funny hearing you all act like they're not very close.

I'm happy you enjoy your ocean bugs.


ToothlessGrandma t1_j4p6e10 wrote

Who cares man. Nobody is calling shrimps bugs. That's your attempt at trying to make eating them more manageable. It's not going to work though.

Like I said, I've never in my life heard anyone refer to shrimp as bugs. You just can't all of a sudden start referring to them like that. It's not how the world works.


dehehn t1_j4pbzzg wrote

A lot of people think shrimp and crabs look like bugs. Myself included. Part of the reason I don't like crabs. And I hate shrimp when they have heads and feet still attached.

Don't know why you think I want you to eat bugs. I never said that. I don't want to eat insects or crab. I think all invertebrates are gross.


Mindrust t1_j4rn3j8 wrote

The difference is those things all live in the ocean, and not crawling on my leg at 3 AM when I'm in bed.


sersarsor t1_j4pepg6 wrote

It's like trying to stop global warming. People in developed countries will never settle for anything that has the appearance of being worse than what they're used to. But honestly, apart from the fact that you think they're disgusting, why won't you eat bugs?


GTholla t1_j4pjmzm wrote

had bedbugs and fleas each at one point in my life, now have a phobia towards bugs. I'm also autistic and have sensory issues for food. I'm not certain I could eat bugs without having an attack of some kind.

frankly I find your take very antagonisic. for most, its nowhere near as deep as 'this is below me and I am used to better than this!!'. rather, it's 'those are insects, and I associate insects with decay, which triggers a primal disgust reaction in me'.


sersarsor t1_j4pko8w wrote

>for most

The situation you described as your own does not apply for the majority of people and is only anecdotal. There are a lot of primal instincts that are no longer helpful in modern controlled environments. Overall, I think if humans were more open-minded to eating things such as other parts of livestock (innards), sea creatures, and insects, we'd be able to drastically reduce our carbon footprint per capita.


swingtuck t1_j4sv5kb wrote

How would you feel about eating shit if they made it into edible meat-like patties and bread with lots of protein?


sersarsor t1_j4t67dp wrote

Well considering recycled urine is a thing, and used on the space station, your proposition isn't very far fetched. See below for more information:


swingtuck t1_j4xf8ob wrote

Well that changes things guys, they recycle piss in the space station, so line me up for some shit patty burgers to save the Earth while Bill Gates has a fresh steak from a cow.


sersarsor t1_j4y89ty wrote

If we keep destroying our natural environment, one day we'll have to use technology to process to make food from thing you won't accept. At that point you can either choose to be malnourished or be more open and explore new diets.


swingtuck t1_j52v8i2 wrote

> If we keep destroying our natural environment, one day we'll have to use technology to process to make food from thing you won't accept

More so if suckers like you keep jerking off about eating bugs for the benefit of the ultra wealthy.


ScipioSectex t1_j4o8vxu wrote

No, meat is a sustainable meat alternative. We're just doing it wrong. Regenerative agriculture should be the focus instead of gross industry meat corporations.


ihavestrings t1_j4o184z wrote

Or permaculture / regenerative agriculture instead of eating bugs.


Zandandido t1_j4o9u7f wrote

For the mealworms, and specifically, their protein content, what is the breakdown of the amino acid profile?


Zandandido t1_j4ok4sp wrote

The Valine is the only thing that's on the lower end.


gerkletoss t1_j4oknaq wrote

There aren't many foods that hit everything

A healthy part of a balanced diet


VincentGrinn t1_j4p21w6 wrote

insect farming is a brilliant source of protein

for livestock, for animal feed


MightyPupil69 t1_j4p1wu1 wrote

Lmfao, so many of you people pushing this shit in this sub. This isn't r/dystopia. It's for futurology.


Zen4rest t1_j4p5g5b wrote

Why fuck with mealworms? We already make fine plant-based alternatives and they’re quickly improving.


neglectedselenium t1_j4pqbhd wrote

People will do anything to just not eat their veggies and fruits


FuturologyBot t1_j4ny222 wrote

The following submission statement was provided by /u/vpuetf:

The French biotech company Ÿnsect plans to open 15 mealworm factories by 2030. The world must decarbonize, and unfortunately human food is one of the biggest sources of carbon pollution. Insect protein is one of the most sustainable proteins for human consumption, and very low in carbon emissions. The world needs to transition to such low carbon proteins for a sustainable, equitable and inclusive planet.

Please reply to OP's comment here:


weirdkid71 t1_j4pay2b wrote

I thought McDonalds had been using worms in their burgers since the 70’s?

Just kidding, but it was a popular urban legend back then.


KyussSun t1_j4quaos wrote

Of course they're a viable alternative. "Meal" is right in their name.


Scottalias4 t1_j4srqhf wrote

I can't read this because of the paywall but I have read that meal worms make excellent and cheap chicken feed.


Devlos00 t1_j4p42zf wrote

No they are not. There are many other options before resorting to this. I’d even resort to eating the scientists who do studies like this before eating the worm.


crawdadicus t1_j4s27df wrote

People don’t realize how much mouse and cockroach feces they have consumed in pre packaged and restaurant food. Protein is protein.


PhilosophusFuturum t1_j4p27o0 wrote

Sorry, but I am not going to eat ze bug. I will wait for cultured meat until I begin eating meat.


EVMad t1_j4nwpu4 wrote

Vegetarianism not looking so bad now huh? Plenty of plant based meat alternatives which are very good. Eating insects shows a serious commitment to hating veggies……


ModerateBrainUsage t1_j4phg3s wrote

It’s all about serious commitment to making profits and finding a market. Just wait until the fitness industry next FUD will be protein shakes made out of insects and they give you 0.00001% more muscle gain. Soon after the average joe will follow for the gut gains. And let’s not forget, it makes you a real man!


EVMad t1_j4qwi6a wrote

There’s always the soylent option too. Grannie patties, uncle cakes, roast sister. Meat eaters gotta eat meat no matter what.


gerkletoss t1_j4ojuti wrote

Half the world already eats insects regularly and 14 y/o redditors are here acting like this is as realistic as perpetual motion.

"But I don't like it!"

Joe Conservative says he'll die before he drives an electric car. Don't be him.


CatchEmAll42069 t1_j4p7mbp wrote

"Eat the bugs... you wouldn't want people to think you like orange man do you?..."


gerkletoss t1_j4qw09t wrote

How do you feel about cultures that eat insects regularly?

How do you feel about lobster?


DamonFields t1_j4oayim wrote

We grew up, over many thousands of years, eating this kind of food. It's more natural to our bodies than large animal flesh.


vpuetf OP t1_j4ntnsa wrote

The French biotech company Ÿnsect plans to open 15 mealworm factories by 2030. The world must decarbonize, and unfortunately human food is one of the biggest sources of carbon pollution. Insect protein is one of the most sustainable proteins for human consumption, and very low in carbon emissions. The world needs to transition to such low carbon proteins for a sustainable, equitable and inclusive planet.


AubyvsCDNU t1_j4ro7yz wrote

I rather die from a nuke than have to eat bugs, lose my road trips, and have to stay in this biological body. I rather die!

Communism will solve all Of this!! We won't need. To eat bugs, lose our road trips, and stay in meatsacks forever under communism

Communism. Will bring freedom. To all