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thorsten139 t1_j4qjmd8 wrote

It's a great thing if everyone is eating bugs. Not the rich eating beef and the poor eating bugs heh


UnionMountain4680t t1_j4tfxi4 wrote

Well that will feel not fair for sure but net is still better no?) but if fairness is important then maybe not so great yeah)


thorsten139 t1_j4tjovq wrote

they aren't mutually exclusive.

you can just have everyone eat bugs whether they are rich or poor.


UnionMountain4680t t1_j4uso7q wrote

Yep sure. I am okay with bugs and probably everyone will or even should be okay. I think this is a matter of perception. I am from the place where it is okay to eat horses and dogs (but in minority still) and oh do I have a looks in my life abroad hehe but for me it is absolutely the same being lamb or dog and vast majority of people think I am totally wrong:)