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FingerDemon500 t1_j4of3wv wrote

Penultimate means the one before the final one. An AI based grammar checker could have found that error for you. Sad.

Seriously though, to address your comment. If it is inevitable, why do we need to rush it? What difference does it make?


SucksToYourAzmar t1_j4ogjan wrote

You've never heard of Rocco's Basilisk


FingerDemon500 t1_j4ohdbo wrote

Thanks, that was an interesting Wikipedia read. Not sure it makes any more sense than an AI doing good things for people to win over their support, but I guess it is a thought experiment. Experiments can go in a lot of directions.


Chemical_Estate6488 t1_j4ogtdj wrote

Yeah but that’s very dumb


SucksToYourAzmar t1_j4oh803 wrote

Hey!....Yes it is. I'm loving these AI tools that come out. Its gonna be involved in our future in some degree, may as well get proficient with it.


Abraham_Lingam t1_j4ofq3d wrote

I have noticed that people have recently been prostrating themselves before this false god. People love religion.


InsaneRanter t1_j4ogjnj wrote

We just want to join the winning side as early as possible in the hope our new AI overlords do something nice for us in exchange.


[deleted] OP t1_j4ofvhb wrote

People blow themselves up for religion.


Chemical_Estate6488 t1_j4ogqmi wrote

People end up being blown up for ai. The night is young


[deleted] OP t1_j4oh12p wrote

Exactly, how many depressed, unemployed, highly educated millenials and GenZs are there? Realizing that their parent's destroyed the environment and economy out of selfishness, lacking meaning in life, addicted to drugs and social media. Looking for a cause worthy for sacrificing their meaningless lives.


giospez t1_j4od2wz wrote

Can't wait to be ruled by our AI overlord, at least we can get rid of all of these effing politicians...


I_Hate_Nerds t1_j4ogjin wrote

Those will quite literally be the last jobs to go if ever


chewie8291 t1_j4of1ij wrote

AI couldn't govern any worse than us. If they have ill intent at least our end will be quick. Tired of being killed slowly by human rulers.


MasterOdd t1_j4oh8vq wrote

Fuck it, humans are going to kill ourselves without a benevolent overlord that isn't human commanding us. Sadly, I don't think I'm joking.


a_fire_beetle t1_j4ohhha wrote

AI is an extension of the human engineers who create it. It's only a tool. It will never become more than the man who created it.

Get over the god complex of AI, and seek some therapy.