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roughback t1_j4pvsbg wrote

Yup. This weekend I relied heavily on Google to find things I needed, contact numbers for businesses, and get me to places I wanted to go. Not once on my phone did I think "hey chatgpt probably knows where they have this thing I need right now"

When I wanted to know the weather this morning I said hey Google.


Victor882 t1_j4q2gpo wrote

They are talking about potential not usage right now

Chatgpt is still experimental but it is going places


roughback t1_j4q7mom wrote

Agreed. The potential is limitless, the movie "Her" gave us a glimpse.


NateCow t1_j4rnsfd wrote

The main use I want AI for is so I never have to open my email inbox again, like "Her." Just sort through the junk, find the important stuff... just manage my digital life with email, calendar, etc.


dracomatic t1_j50jn6b wrote

i have it draft emails for me daily. Now i come across less asshole ish at work.


monospaceman t1_j4q2mlv wrote

That's because its only been out for a few months. Give it a year or two and it'll look completely different.


roughback t1_j4q7h3w wrote

Agreed. One day it'll be always listening like Google, responding to our queries with heads up display info, driving directions fed right into the self-driving car's GPS... Booking restaurants and ordering pick up groceries.

The future is bright.


MightyOm t1_j4rl84b wrote

That's because Chat GPT isn't web enabled right now. What if you asked ChatGPT those same questions and it was web aware? Not only would it plan all that for you, it would do it creativity and probably offer you better alternatives. I don't think Google as it stands is enough to defeat an internet aware AI