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aurialLoop t1_j4pymnm wrote

Yes ChatGPT will confidently tell you falsehoods as if they were true. There is no fact checking functionality in ChatGPT. It's still incredibly useful and gets a lot right. I've been using it to speed up tasks and do repetitive boring jobs that I would prefer to delegate if at all possible.


Jaszuni t1_j4q1pj8 wrote

Can you give an example of the tasks? Like what is it good for and where should people be cautious?


dlepi24 t1_j4trm9n wrote

Drafting business emails is pretty good, or templates/SOPs. I've had it write entire BCDR plans, MFA enrollment notices, etc.

It's great for quickly getting some code going for easy to medium tasks, or seeing a different approach to a problem can open other possibilities.

I've actually had it tell me more about some api endpoints than their online KBs have documented.

It's best used as a tool to aid you rather than thinking it's going to replace you.


RedditFuelsMyDepress t1_j4quqh1 wrote

I think a lot of people use it for programming, but it can sometimes give you code that doesn't actually work.


slackmaster2k t1_j4sx8vt wrote

Yeah it’s pretty impressive but sometimes funny. For example, it’ll just make up APIs for services that don’t exist. The code is good in that it would run, if it actually had something to run against.


aurialLoop t1_j5949cz wrote

People should be cautious of any answer it gives you where you don't already know the correct answer.

Where is it really useful? When you're asking it to perform either of the following:

1 Perform tasks that don't require knowledge of facts. E.g.

"Reword this email so that it is clearer"

"Reduce the length of this speech while still making the main points"

"Use the above strategic company goals and suggest ways my team who performs the following tasks can help realise those goals"

"Take the following ideas and write a poem that conveys their juxtapositions"


2 Perform tasks that you could do (and already have the required knowledge to evaluate yourself), but don't have time to do. E.g.

(As a computer programmer who knows how to read code): "write me a c# class that keeps track of objects in an environment"

"Write the scaffold of a business case for an automatic potato mashing machine"

"Suggest some game mechanics for a multiplayer card game where you have to work together to destroy an asteroid on the way to earth"