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Mollymusique t1_j56h9ry wrote

I hope we can reach that goal! Until that is achieved, I'll boycott flying. I hope more people join in staying on the ground for the climate :)


AtaracticGoat t1_j56l371 wrote

Not being able to afford a plane ticket isn't boycotting /s


medfreak t1_j57anx1 wrote

Yea I don't fly either. Instead when I have to travel overseas, I take a large diesel cruise ship. That'll show 'em!


x31b t1_j57k103 wrote

Or a bunker fuel freighter..


ssjgsskkx20 t1_j56w5dn wrote

I was doing it all my life until I got a thing called money.


InGenAche t1_j57w9kc wrote

I have up having kids so I can have my 2 weeks a year in the sun.


ovirt001 t1_j56tczr wrote

Reduced demand means reduced funding for progress. Fly today so we can have a green tomorrow!


hallowass t1_j57ctuv wrote

Lol there are plenty of worse things that pollute than planes, maby check out how cows do and re think youre statement.


Mollymusique t1_j599a5d wrote

Have you ever thought about that there is more than one way to approach a problem?