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allnamestaken1968 t1_j58j8gq wrote

The timelines are such BS. Even for freight for commercial flight, the certification takes a long time, and they do t have anything close to anything that would work commercially for 300 miles plus taxi plus circle plus deviation plus safety - and they can’t get around that requirement for anything “commercial”. Funny enough the infrastructure could be there if you do point to point and slowly build it out. If you deviate you are a bit screwed obviously - tankers here we come

As for 50 seats by 2027 - nope. For passenger, you need redundancy approved and certified in systems that dont exist yet - like fuel cells that can provide the needed power or even the electric motors. Also likely not possible with existing airframes- so forget that.


DisasterousGiraffe OP t1_j5a72ir wrote

> approved and certified in systems that dont exist yet - like .. or even the electric motors

The UK already has fully certified electric aeroplanes with batteries and electric motors in commercial operation. They are quieter and cheaper to run than the fossil fuel equivalents.


allnamestaken1968 t1_j5akb92 wrote

This is not scheduled commercial operation with massive freight into major airports with requirements for holding and deviation and redundancies. Not comparable