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jloverich t1_j6f0aw5 wrote

It didn't seem that good. I know it will get better, but astounding is the wrong word. Maybe "almost compelling elevator music", but even then, there is something no quite right.


LtsThrwAwy t1_j6fu3du wrote

Sure, but everyone always focuses on the right here right now. They've developed a AI music generator that only gets better as it goes.

I feel like with every technology someone shits on it, but the point is the development that becomes possible.

It's like shitting on the Wright Brothers because the first flight was only 59 seconds. What good is that going to do anyone?!?


Themasterofcomedy209 t1_j6h0mhq wrote

And OpenAI’s music generator from a few years ago created out of tune nightmare music, and now music generators can actually create something that sounds good. It’s all about progression


SnapcasterWizard t1_j6j03z6 wrote

Its pretty astounding that we can generate music from text using algorithms. Like, this ability just didn't exist a few years ago and now it does.


jonathanrdt t1_j6jiqk0 wrote

That’s exactly how it seemed to me: it was only acceptable as background. When I actually listened and studied, I found it off-putting and strange, just like most generated images. It has all of the musical elements, but they’re assembled without understanding or art.


ten-million t1_j6fe7lz wrote

Yeah I got the elevator music vibe as well. Very blah. Could be on an old tv show.