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Tathanor t1_j69x8sk wrote

Besides infinite quest generation, the ability to debug and operate on a live server will progressively move away from human oversight.

We will literally be able to build fully functioning worlds that are self-sustaining with little human interactions. We'll be able to engage with those worlds and they'll be just as alive and evolving as the world we live in now.

...wait a second.


Crivos t1_j6a3x33 wrote

Code red, we got a live one.

Matrix has been breached.


alcatrazcgp t1_j69pmfh wrote

I talk about this subject alot recently, but heres a couple of things:

1- Infinite quest generation

2- Ability to communicate with NPC's like real humans (chatGPT)

3- Ability to create levels, characters, art. Basically infinite content/dlc

This is just a few things It will be able to do, and since chatGPT is here, Im hoping within a few years we will have AI NPC's that make their own decisions and constantly evolve.


TehGuard t1_j69snoi wrote

Someone recently added chat gpt to mount and blade bannerlord via a mod, you are able to talk to the npcs by typing your response


alcatrazcgp t1_j69t5bl wrote

I saw it, now add "TTS" with different voices, and you got yourself a fully voiced game that reads out whatever the NPC's say, alot of streamers, namely forsen, has many different AI trained TTS models, like obi-wan, obama, santa...etc.


Ajaxwalker t1_j6car0p wrote

Imagine Leisure Suit Larry with chat gpt. Damn I’m old


Mayhem370z t1_j6b12hy wrote

Yea I feel like AI is gonna make things like this and music industry severely suffer when it comes to jobs.

On the music side, if they can get AI to produce good enough music, lyrics, mixing etc, they will 100% do whatever they can to take more credit/not have to do pay anyone for music production, royalty payouts to anyone, etc. And can just collect all the revenue.

For games, sure it would be great for the product and consumers but not good economically.


alcatrazcgp t1_j6b1c0x wrote

id say game devs would be more inclined to make better games from that point, because games will last much longer, and i wager the price of games will go up to 70 or even 80$ at that point.

what will really help consumers will be the modding community taking full advantage of the new AI features


bfire123 t1_j6ef6l8 wrote

Though on the other hand. Once it gets easier to greate, voices, pictures, movies, etc. people might create a full fledged movie by themselves which they couldn't do before because of all of the expenses.


Richard7666 t1_j6bxtg6 wrote

Do you think we'll ever get enemies that can flank properly, or will that forever remain a quirk of history limited to F.E.A.R. back in 2004?

That's my question.


CYOA_With_Hitler t1_j6ccb3m wrote

We could do that now, though I didn't think we did as players like dumb ai thye can God mow down


KptEmreU t1_j6cdhgs wrote

When u make your enemy intelligence young adults with guns no one would survive in a game one against 5 anymore. But maybe a strategic game could do where you are one vs one at most 2. There is nearly 0 chance when the best navy seal wins a shoot out against 10 ill trained machine gun wielding pleps.

Unless stealth 🥷 is in the game.


IronWhitin t1_j6edthc wrote

Yea but you can train the AI to not punish the player too much, and maybe sometime make the enemy take the wrong decision on purpose whitouth passing the dumb line or make the player awaree of it.

An AI properly trainer can do that and can even see that based on you confidence to the game (all your input whit keyboard and mouse see how you react), and decide if you put down the guard for boredom or overconfidence to strike you back, to preserve your engagement and not make you loose the attention to the game.

The possibility are big,wide and really interesting.


KptEmreU t1_j6esvka wrote

That is what I was trying to say , they can make a great ai, but they knowingly dumb down it to make it fun and inline with other games


upliftingart t1_j6advzf wrote

I'm completely convinced in about 10-15 years, all entertainment will be generated on the fly by AI.

Sit down at your playstation 7, put in a text prompt. "Open world 3d game in the style of Dark Souls, Breath of the Wild, but with aliens set in outer space station, influenced by Last of Us, with music in the style of the Ramones." Start playing 10 min later. I bet full length movies happen around the same time frame.


Shambler9019 t1_j6b5w7z wrote

Maybe. But there's something nice about having an experience that has common elements with other people so you can talk about these shared experiences. But photorealistic graphics, perfectly responsive music, lifelike worlds with effectively infinite depth and dynamism, truly responsive NPCs and infinite and meaningful character customisation are more likely uses.


marsten t1_j6bx3s4 wrote

I agree, the human connection is important. Also people value human-created things more than AI-created ones. AI-generated art does not fetch high prices, at least not yet.


PioneerSpecies t1_j6c5q86 wrote

Yea, like ChatGPT feels very realistic, and yet just knowing it’s an AI makes talking to it in the normal way really boring vs talking to a real person. I use it as a tool now for getting other work done


crunchycrispy t1_j6bw9lu wrote

it won’t be text prompt, it’ll just simply know what you like on a deeper level than what you can type.


StarChild413 t1_j6egeo5 wrote

then comes some-human-in-a-period-of-time-before-this-while-humans-still-make-media making a Black-Mirror-esque plot where what appears to be some awesome portal fantasy adventure the main character goes on is actually just their AI warping a simulated world (whether it's a world that was simulated all along or AI secretly putting them in one when they had this idea) so that as soon as they had some fleeting thought about the kind of game that would be cool or w/e they were literally living the game


TPrice1616 t1_j6axa8f wrote

So what got me to look into AI and go into an existential crisis about one of my jobs being obsolete now was a really interesting mod for Crusader Kings 3 in development. For those who aren’t familiar it’s a strategy game focused on characters who are rulers in the Middle Ages. Someone is building a mod to get Chatgpt to roleplay as the characters in the game, taking into account the characters traits, opinion of the player character, and memories into account to make interacting with characters more organic. If they can get that to work and based on the screenshots it looks like they have made good progress that would revolutionize RPGs.


IshwithanI t1_j6a8hje wrote

The problem with AI is that nothing it makes is ever really “infinite.” It has to be trained on human behavior/information so its inherently limited. If it’s somehow implemented for “infinite quest generation” it’s just gonna end up giving you variations of the types of quests we’ve had for decades. AI isn’t capable of creativity.


Griffstergnu t1_j6afe2u wrote

Isn’t much of what humans do also derivative. Only the rare artist truly breaks new ground and then the rest follow on for awhile with derivative works.


sorgan71 t1_j6aqwnq wrote

Its the same with people though, you only know how to speak language because of other people teaching you.


Mash_man710 t1_j6bbve2 wrote

Humans are just algorithms. We take in content and data and produce slightly different content and data. All these comments that AI won't replace human creativity are ridiculously naive.


Pbleadhead t1_j6ao021 wrote

Yea, it isnt infinite in the way the Busy Beaver problem means that 'eventually you'll try every possible combination'

But you cant tell me "Blood Manos" is not a stroke of comedic genius, that AI came up with !!over 7 years ago!!

yeesh I cant believe it has been that long.


Sixhaunt t1_j6c6bdc wrote

>It has to be trained on human behavior/information so its inherently limited

That is kindof meaningless though isn't it? There isnt infinite books you can write with 1,000,000,000,000 words but effectively there is when it comes to humans since even spending 1 second on each book would take 31,688 years to go through.

With something like an image AI if it learns an apple and a hat it has now learned more than 2 things. It has hats, apples, apples wearing hats, hats shaped like apples, etc...


It can get very creative with the way it makes things in the end and although there is technically a limitation, it's not something to care about since you will never in your life come close to exhausting it. It can create brand new styles for example since all styles are taken from previous styles/elements and you can even use embeddings to prove it to yourself since you can take a style it wasnt trained on then train an embedding for it (embeddings dont add any new info to the network and are more like searching it for a style then putting those terms and weights into a concise tag)


AbyssalRedemption t1_j6arb1v wrote

This actually reassures me, I don’t want it to outright replace human creativity.

I also don’t want “infinite quest generation” for the most part. I like being able to actually finish a refined, tailor-made experience by one developer, and move onto another.


just_a_ghost_2 t1_j69n14m wrote

I'd like to see text input written by the player instead of fixed choices. Basically using ChatGPT when talking to NPCs.


myweirdotheraccount t1_j69plrm wrote

This would be really cool. Go back to a town you've been to and realize you've developed a reputation for having sex with literally everybody.


AlsoInteresting t1_j69pc03 wrote

"You're here again? It would be better to go outside and get some exercise."


flameleaf t1_j6a4s86 wrote

This is already possible with NovelAI. Authoring your own text adventures and filling in the details of the world alongside the AI is an incredible feeling.


Joseluki t1_j69u3we wrote

AI has been used to upscale pre-rendered backgrounds from old RPG games like the PSX Final Fantasy games.


Denaton_ t1_j69vaju wrote

I have used both Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT in my game project. My game is mainly UI based so it's all flat, but the image AI is really limited and you need to alter it allot and run it in iteration to guide it into a good result.

I have used ChatGPT to help me brainstorm new ideas and some story guidance.

If you want to see how it looks, check my latest post to see the Steam page ^^


THIS_IS_GOD_TOTALLY_ t1_j69y4yt wrote

What couldn't it do? Eventually there will be programs, not games. You'll make the games yourself with minimal prompting. Want an Abe Lincoln hack and slash with no escort missions? Sure, the first one won't be what you want, but the second will be closer. User generated content isn't going away, but neither is the rise of personal gameplay customization. Think sliders for QTE frequency, stealth sensitivity, amount of lore, number of endings, scale of locations... We will soon be able to play exactly the game we want.


Solo-dreamer t1_j6a6lg1 wrote

Imagine saying "hey xbox I want to play as like skywalker in a full trench war scenario on coroscant" and it just makes.


Richard7666 t1_j6by10x wrote

We still need the processing power to generate that, though. We can manage a still image on the fly. But keeping track of a coherent world and all the assets within is many orders of magnitude greater.


itsgoingtobeebanned t1_j6ad63k wrote

I'm looking forward to typing in Half Life: Alyx with Borderlands style graphics and playing exactly that and other neat combinations of games


arg_max t1_j6ald1n wrote

I think the things that will come first will be automated art. It starts with concept art creation but I believe that we will soon see usable 3D mesh generators, so you put in a prompt like "creepy alien with claws and a tail" and get a 3D mesh out of it. AI chats like many people here suggested are obviously possible with things like GPT, but at the end all of this has to be linked back to game logic. When an NPC talks with you that he saw something at some place in the world, the game also should generate something interesting that you can discover in that location. I don't think there are solutions for this yet but I don't see why it can not happen. The problem is always that you need huge train sets to create those generative models and there just do not exist train sets for things like levels, quest or so, so we will have to see if people figure out smart ways to solve this.


Sixhaunt t1_j6c5qok wrote

There are a few ways:

  1. 2d icons are easy to generate
  2. there are ways to generate 3d models
  3. there are texturing plugins using StableDiffusion to do it fast and easy
  4. the text AIs do decently with the coding
  5. UI can also be generated easy enough.
  6. audio AIs are pretty good but once the main one comes out like theyve been talking about it should be able to do music, sound effects, dialogue, etc...
  7. Debugging is also really useful. You can ask it why you are getting an error in the engine and it will suggest reasons. You can go back and forth with it to debug
  8. using it so conversations with NPCs arent the same dialogue all the time
  9. it can help write the story
  10. it does great for spellchecking and grammar checking and everything else when you translate to another language.

I'm sure there are plenty more but these are the first 10 I can think of


False_Bear_8645 t1_j6asxpk wrote

Gameplay :
Interacting with NPC that feel more human
Fighting character that doesn't move in a stupid specific pattern
A whole universe that is influenced by the player choice like a butterly effect

Game developer :
AI as tester to find bug
Enchanced procedural content generation


Kind_Community1893 t1_j6a6kzu wrote

AI can produce a near impossibly difficult enemy ai that can dynamically adjust to your playstyle.


explodingtuna t1_j6als60 wrote

Generating a game with graphical, music and sound assets from a text prompt.

"Make a game in a new genre that doesn't exist yet, with an immersive world with engaging NPCs."


tomophilia t1_j6am7dj wrote

One idea- ChatGPT like AI could be integrated into games that are already out. The NPCs decisions and dialogue could be generated and imported live.

There’s no limits.

Basically it’s just a matter of what makes the monkey laugh and clap.


crazytumblweed999 t1_j6amdw8 wrote

More than likely AI will be used to fine tune gatcha mechanics, micro transactions, loot boxes and other forms of "not gambling " mechanics in the AAA sector while also formalizing and standardizing "witty" dialog to save paid hours. It may also be used to generate royalty free art assets to reduce production (and not the end product's) cost . Best case scenario, it will flood the market and cause a 1980's style crash that will revitalize the industry.


StarlordXd2 t1_j6b02xt wrote

Okay, so this starts to make clear how we are really in a simulation ourselves. The Big Bang wasn’t really what started it all, it was the invention of Ai that started spawning a simulation continuously expanding, with what seems like an infinite amount of stars etc…


DanWillHor t1_j6b72va wrote

Just a hunch but I think it will have to help in development due to gamers wanting product faster and games becoming more demanding and therefore needing more manpower without it. Maybe it's already being used in some aspects, I have no direct info on that.

It just seems like it is or will be necessary soon in the development of them.


-praetorr- t1_j6bcxju wrote

I could count on 17 fingers the things A.I. could do for video games …


GarugasRevenge t1_j6beozv wrote

I think infinite quest generation is already a thing with random number generators. Randomly interesting storylines would be something else. But randomness already gives a lot of interest.

I think creating characters and having their animations, textures, and hit boxes setup would be a massive time saver. That stuff is a pain in the ass.

There's little stuff like voice work where a voice actor could lease out a digital profile of their voice and it would significantly less work.


djd1985 t1_j6bhkxt wrote

Imagine a game where the AI hunted you, would be pretty amazing. So much potential… I can’t wait!


Sickologyy t1_j6c0mjn wrote

Funny you mention this. When im bored waiting for dark and darker, I've been using chatgpt to generate text adventures. Quite imaginative.

Last one had a spell ethereal walk, not only was it smart enough to allow me to enter buildings, but bypass traps on a chest.


brublanc t1_j6c4aiu wrote

There will be more programmatically generated content. No Man's Sky is a good example of a game that's almost entirely driven by AI. It's the only real choice for games that big (it'd be impossible for humans to design millions of unique planets with all the creatures, etc.). The upcoming Starfield may very well be one of the last games of this scale that uses individually created environments.


indexoutofbounds_ t1_j6c5oh7 wrote

Actually, people are starting to design AI systems that can "create" 3d assets using only text as input -- these assets could theoretically be used for video games.

Dream-fusion is an initial example of this:


s-multicellular t1_j6co4wr wrote

Even some basic fight, flight, and group organization tactics for MOBs would be nice in a lot of PvE


Odur29 t1_j6d8ut0 wrote

You might want to Read or Listen to Completionist Chronicles by Dakota Krout. This series has some pretty good AI Mechanics behind it and it's also a good series on top of all that or at least I think so.


Arpeggioey t1_j6dkzk5 wrote

Generative content on the fly sounds insane to me.
I saw a study that used games to make difficult choices (for example, ethical questions such as who to kill: a young man, a woman or a baby) and those playing the game (knowingly) would make an anonymous choice, which aids AI in answering such moral questions. In a Utopia where UBI and resource equity exists powered by AI and bots, people's main jobs would consist of helping answer such questions to guide the AI, hopefully through very entertaining, generative AI games.


MegavirusOfDoom t1_j6eivs2 wrote

Firstly AI will be used to work faster, to create scenes faster, to furnish them like images from many angles, and then later to synthesize entire world spaces, game engine companies like unreal and Nvidia will have some draw-your-scene tools which are like diffusion iamges except in 3D. The render times will be slow for this decade, although once the scene is created it can be saved and perhaps takes 1 hour to do previously 1000 man hours of work, so indies will be doing AAA games.


TechieTravis t1_j6ep21i wrote

Video games already use AI to increase framerates with NVIDIA's DLSS, and AMD's FSR. The Graphics card actually renders the game at a lowish resolution, and the AI upscales it to a higher resolution such as 4k, but keeps the framerates of the lower resolution.


whycomposite t1_j6hh4ax wrote

They can play them very fast. No humans will be needed to play video games in the future.


argusromblei t1_j69ziib wrote

You can generate the entire game in it soon. Controlling the generated frames. Not just assets but the game itself in stable difffusion.


Orc_ t1_j6ajfrx wrote

It's one of the disruptive things AI is about to do in just a few years

People be wasting time with crap like lol they don't know about the future Skyrim GTP-4 wifeys