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upliftingart t1_j6advzf wrote

I'm completely convinced in about 10-15 years, all entertainment will be generated on the fly by AI.

Sit down at your playstation 7, put in a text prompt. "Open world 3d game in the style of Dark Souls, Breath of the Wild, but with aliens set in outer space station, influenced by Last of Us, with music in the style of the Ramones." Start playing 10 min later. I bet full length movies happen around the same time frame.


Shambler9019 t1_j6b5w7z wrote

Maybe. But there's something nice about having an experience that has common elements with other people so you can talk about these shared experiences. But photorealistic graphics, perfectly responsive music, lifelike worlds with effectively infinite depth and dynamism, truly responsive NPCs and infinite and meaningful character customisation are more likely uses.


marsten t1_j6bx3s4 wrote

I agree, the human connection is important. Also people value human-created things more than AI-created ones. AI-generated art does not fetch high prices, at least not yet.


PioneerSpecies t1_j6c5q86 wrote

Yea, like ChatGPT feels very realistic, and yet just knowing it’s an AI makes talking to it in the normal way really boring vs talking to a real person. I use it as a tool now for getting other work done


crunchycrispy t1_j6bw9lu wrote

it won’t be text prompt, it’ll just simply know what you like on a deeper level than what you can type.


StarChild413 t1_j6egeo5 wrote

then comes some-human-in-a-period-of-time-before-this-while-humans-still-make-media making a Black-Mirror-esque plot where what appears to be some awesome portal fantasy adventure the main character goes on is actually just their AI warping a simulated world (whether it's a world that was simulated all along or AI secretly putting them in one when they had this idea) so that as soon as they had some fleeting thought about the kind of game that would be cool or w/e they were literally living the game