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MrSpotgold t1_j6se5wd wrote

Nobody rich can be convicted for any crime, ever. Everybody else can be convicted for any crime, anytime.


stupidcasey t1_j6v4inm wrote

Huh? Maby this is a good thing? I mean if all video is essentially useless you go back to the days before everyone recorded everything and you had to dance around spoiled brat’s unworthy opinions


Orc_ t1_j6xr4da wrote

ok? that wasnt the question


Fafniiiir t1_j90f6ct wrote

Uhm Harvey Weinstein?
Bill Cosby was convicted originally too but I think his age played a bigger part in it being overturned than him being rich.
The notion that rich people are somehow immune tho is complete bullshit.

They can hire better lawyers yes but lawyers can't just let you get away with any crime.
Most questionably legal things rich people get away with too are legal loopholes ( especially when it comes to stuff like taxes ).
Rich people aren't murdering people and getting away with it in spite of evidence against them that's just not happening.