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TheLastSamurai t1_j6t76e1 wrote

It will be a nightmare. Even being accused of something with seemingly convincing evidence can cost you jobs and relationships.


Littleman88 t1_j6tfe66 wrote

There are some accusations that will stick on your record even when found innocent. Convincing evidence is just another hurdle.

The world is fucked and everything is set up so that you have to be at least somewhat paranoid about everyone around you.


TheLastSamurai t1_j6thcfx wrote

Absolutely, imagine a school teacher. A heinous video is released of them, do you think the school waits? No. Then what about on the other hand when something is real and legit, it's like that evidence has lost impact. Big challenge.


randallAtl t1_j6wjy88 wrote

I was thinking the opposite. You could play a fake recording for a witness and say "Is this Mr. Smith" and when they said "Yes that is Mr. Smith" you could say "False, that is AI"


Ikiro_o t1_j6vzh3a wrote

There will be companies dedicated to fake compelling evidence of the opposite with AI just to make a point. :)